Games are a great way to learn while having fun. Some of the best memories of childhood are associated with the games that we played and the people who played with us. Every homeschool parent to make it a point to introduce these four classic games to their homeschool students.


The word building game is the basis of many online word games and apps. This classic board game is superb for building vocabulary. New words are discovered when other players play them. The dictionary is consulted on a regular basis while playing the game and teaches the homeschool students the skill of looking up words. Age is not a limiting factor and you will actually see the change in their vocabulary as you play the game regularly.

The Game of Life

This classic board game allow you to strategize and live your best possible life. It shows you responsibilities such as getting married, providing for your family, playing the stock market, making good investments and so many other skills which are part of real life. Naturally they are simply being introduced to concepts, but the game is fun to play, much shorter than Monopoly, and always a lot of fun to reach the millionaire stage first!


This simple strategy game for sinking opponents ships while safe guarding your own is easy to play and a lot of fun. The simple paper graph grids and pens can be used to play the game almost as effectively as the apps or even the physical game with plastic bits for bombs. The different patterns that the ships can be arranged in and the sense of victory of sinking everything in the limited number of shots you get, is good fun as well as educative.


This game is nothing but stacking small wooden logs, yet it allows patience, tenacity, strategy and manual dexterity to develop in the homeschool students playing the game. It’s easy to set up, fun to play, and can raise the energy levels of your homeschool students with a single game. Plus the wooden logs are quite durable and the game can last for years if looked after.