Breaks For Homeschoolers

If you continue to homeschool all through the year, it is important to consider taking short breaks so that the homeschool teacher does not face burnout. On a limited budget it may not be possible to take holidays out of town each time you need a break, but there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you stay stress free.

Dance Music

Music can be a fantastic mood lifter. If the general ambiance in the homeschool class has started to bring you down, it may be a good idea to put on some loud dance music and get everyone to break out their dance moves for a while. Half an hour of dancing can pump up the energy levels and be a wonderful break.

Yoga Sessions

A homeschool parent is routinely surrounded by various requests and some me-time is a must to maintain sanity. Take off for a yoga session on a regular basis to enhance both the flexibility of the body and calm of the mind. You need to do something away from the home and your children to calm down, and yoga is made to order for people of any age.

Back to Nature

A swim in the pool, a visit to the beach, a picnic in the mountains, the location is not as important as the communion with nature. Find a spot that is close by and easy to access. Take your children along for a “field trip”. Being close to nature is good for the human soul.

Guided Meditations

Have you ever felt that the sheer number of thoughts running through your head are driving you crazy? You to-do list, instructions for the children, chores to be completed, shopping left over and a million other details can leave you feeling exhausted. Listen to a short guided meditation to help soothe your mind.


Busman’s Holiday

Take a break from your homeschool classroom and head over to another homeschool family. Let your children and theirs be taught by both the respective homeschool teachers. It will help ease the load and make a difference in the daily routine. It’s a sort of break in itself.

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