There are a number of educational benefits associated with a planned trip abroad. As a homeschool family, if your resources permit you to make a trip to a foreign land, ensure that you do so at an age where your homeschool students are bound to remember the trip. You can actually help them prepare for the journey and experience before hand.


If you are planning on visiting a country which does not use English as it’s primary language of communication, it may be a good idea for the homeschool teacher to sit down with the children and teach them the rudiments of the foreign language. You don’t need to become fluent in the language, simply jot down a number a common usage phrases that you know you will need and translate them into the new language. Next have your homeschool students learn them to allow better communication with the locals.


Study up in advance about the history of the country that you plan to visit. Are there important monuments related to the past that should be visited? Include them in your itinerary. Familiarize yourself and your homeschool students with the famous personalities that belong to the country. These could include dead leaders as well as current day celebrities.

Culture and Social Skills

There will be a number of opportunities during the trip to observe the differences in daily dealing and culture of the locals. The situations that they face will help your homeschool students to have more empathy for others as well as be more respectful of the differences that they see. It is easier to understand why foreigners act in a specific manner when you see how they live locally in their own country.

Current Affairs

Being able to travel across the world, helps your homeschool students understand the state of the world that we live in. They will have a better understanding of local as well as global circumstances when they need to check about the level of unrest or security in foreign countries. It will help them to adapt to the different situations that they find themselves in during the trip. It will also bring home a sense of better accomplisment for having compelted the trip.