Reading, writing, and other subjects from the curriculum set aside, what are the other things that you as a homeschool teacher need to teach your homeschool students. Many adults find that they miss the happiness in their lives which comes from close connections. Teaching your children how to create, build and nurture close relationships will help them live satisfying and fulfilling lives. Here are some ways to instill these skills.

Keeping in Touch

From family members whose birthdays are coming up to friends in class who have achieved something special, make it a point for your homeschool students to keep in touch. It could be a nice handmade card for a personal achievement, an old fashioned letter posted on a special occassion or an out of the blue phone call to speak with the person. The idea is to ensure that your children are comfortable speaking with or writing to friends and family members. While the concept of penpals is an old fashioned one, you can encourage them to become email friends with peers from across the world.

Handling Conflict and Drama

The fragile egos of your teenagers or the temper tantrums of your younger children may cause conflict and drama. Be it around the house with family members, or in the community with peers or elders, as the homeshcool teacher, you should teach your homeschool students how to difuse and resolve such situations before they escalate into undesirable actions. Teach them to apologize if they are in the wrong right away. Also teach them how to reach a compromise when two people are headed in opposite directions causing a group to become redundant.

Time Management for Chores and Studies

Being able to do everything that needs to be done in the limited time that they have each day, is an important life skill for homeschool students to pick up. Having a schedule which allows them to focus on doing their school work, the errands and chores around the home, taking care of their physical fitness needs, and having time to spare for their interests and hobbies, is the basis of having a truly productive life. Teach them how to organize all the activities that they need to do well.