Travel is a given in modern life. From local runs to the grocery store, to across continents for jobs. Just about every means of transportation can come into play. As a homeschool teacher there are different aspects of transportation that should be covered with your homeschool students. Here is a short list of things that you may want to consider.

Personal Transport

Riding a bicycle is the best way to encourage younger children to get about on their own. This includes getting them to look after the tyre pressure, cleaning the bike and oiling the spokes. As they grow older, they can move on to a motorized two wheeler. Again basic maintainence skills such as adding distilled water to the battery, ensuring the break wires are pulled tight, and adding the right boosts to the petrol, should be explained to the homeschool student. Moving on to the teenager years and finally getting a car. Changing a tire should be at the top of the list of what the homeschool student learns how to do. Basic engine maintainence, adding fluids to the break tank, cleanser to the windscreen washers, and changing the rubber lining of the wipers are a good place to start.

Public Transport

The different forms of public transport need somewhat simialr skills, but it can never hurt to have your homeschool student practice each one. Some basics that they would need to know for catching a bus or a train would be how to buy tickets for the place they are headed, how to find the right bus to board, or the correct platform to wait for the train. Similarly for outstation flights they should be able to research and find the best flight fares for the journey they intend to make, as well as have an undertsanding of the restrictions that would apply to what they can carry on board. Also having an inkling of the maximum weight that they can carry and how to pack accordingly would be an added bonus.

The more they travel, the better they will get at organizing themselves for a successful journey.