Having a number of children in the same classroom can divide the attention of a teacher. The more experienced the teacher, the better they can handle larger numbers. However in the homeschool set up the teacher to student ratio is much smaller. Enabling the even somewhat inexperienced homeschool teacher to give complete attention to the homeschool student’s needs.

Quality Time is Assured

Even if the homeschool student has siblings in the classroom with him, there is no denying the fact that the homeschool teacher will carve out one on one time each day for every child. The complete attention of the teacher is focused on the student during this time and the quality of learning which happens is much higher than with a somewhat distracted teacher in a regular classroom. It’s also that much more difficult for the students to get up to mischief in the homeschool classroom under the teacher’s watchful eye.

Common Unit Studies

Combining the studies of two students on a common topic may happen more often than expected in the homeschool classroom. The details required for a higher grade may not be covered for the homeschool student in the lower grade, but a topic such as photosynthesis can be covered in a field trip to the local playground for both of them simultaneously. Further worksheets and information can be delved into at age and grade appropriate levels once they return to the classroom.

Holidays can be taken at will

If the children get ill, or the family needs to take a road trip on short notice, it can be tough when the students have to miss regular school and get make up work. Sick days, leave or holidays can be worked into the more flexible structure of homeschooling with greater ease. The schedule of the homeschool teacher usually makes time for activities which a regular school teacher may not factor in. So in case they need more time, they can simply dig into this reserve period in the schedule.

As you can see there are many advantages to homeschooling, some of which you may not have expected when you took the decision to try it out.