Homeschooling is a choice not made easily. The typical homeschool parent has a full plate all through the academic year. From ensuring that they pick and use the right curriculum, to setting up socialization activities for the homeschool students, there’s always something that needs to be done as of yesterday. The whole three ring circus is dependent on the homeschooling teacher’s ability to juggle a dozen balls without dropping them.

This is where self discipline is one of the biggest challenges that a homeschooling parent faces. The solution is to write things down. The reference documents make it easier to keep track of the many minor details which may otherwise slip through the cracks.

Self Doubt

No matter how much a homeschooling parent does, there’s always this little voice criticizing them in the back of their mind. Questioning each action, each step that they take regarding the future success of their homeschooled children. The homeschooling teacher feels personally invested and responsible for every small mistake or failure that the homeschooling student experiences.

The solution here is to understand that the children need to be just as invested in their own successes and failures. Set up a plan with actionable steps that is shared with the homeschool students. This allows them to understand when they cross each goal line and motivates them to take more responsibility.

Quality Time

Many homeschooling teachers feel that even though they are spending the entire day with their kids, they are forever stuck in the role of the educator. They don’t get to spend quality time with individual children, doing things that both the parent and child enjoy. It is tough for them to find the time to balance being the main teacher, the parent, as well as take some time off for themselves to rejuvenate.

The solution is simple. Commiting to spending one on one time with the kids. Just schedule it in, along with the rest of the homeschool classes. This way the homeschooling teacher ensures that there is some time that she gets to be just the mom, making some happy memories with each child individually.