As your homeschool students get older, they will need to learn news skills at each stage of schooling. When they are in middle school, you will need to get them used to studying a lot more independently than what they have been used to doing in elementary school. Here are some skills that you should ensure that your homeschool students master before they hit high school.

Reading Textbooks Themselves 

Get them into the habit of reading their textbooks themselves. You can help them do a preliminary reading of the text and then have them solve the exercises given at the end of each chapter on their own. This doesn’t mean that they can’t get back to you with doubts and questions. Just that they need to begin helping themselves make sense of what the instructions say and what they are supposed to do. Every time they succeed, give them a small reward.

Make them Persevere

A common complaint of homeschool teachers is that their kids tend to give up much too easily when they find something difficult. It is up to you to come up with a system where the homeschool students are rewarded for staying the course with something difficult that they need to master. If they are feeling bored they will develop a sense of frustration. This will make it tough for them to stay focused. See what you can do to ensure that they don’t give up at this juncture.

Ease them into Their Identity

For younger children the concept of being an individual with their own identity doesn’t matter much. However as they move into middle school, they become aware of their own individuality. They no longer want to be seen as an extension of their parents. Have the homeschool students step into their own character and identity by giving them space to grow. Encourage social interactions with peers and elders, so that they are able to make choices for themselves.

The more confidence you instill in them to be able to have their own opinions, the easier it will be for them to make the right choices and decisions in the future.