Being the primary chef for a homeschool family is a tough job, because it consists of additional work after having taught the homeschool class. The meals need to be quick to fix, as well as nutritious. Not to mention that they should be easily eaten by fussy homeschool students. Here are some ideas to make it easier to produce healthy meals in a jiffy.

A Well Stocked Kitchen

Meal planning is a good way to start. Decide what you want to cook in the upcoming week, then shop accordingly. It’s much easier to come up with options when you actually have them physically present in the kitchen. No matter how busy you may be with your homeschool family, ensure that you take the time out each week to stock up on basic supplies of fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and breads. Simply having a number of items in the fridge can help you make fast meals available to your homeschool students.

Organization and Prep Work

Clean and chop up all the fruits and vegetables on a single day, so that you can easily consume them throughout the week. Having them peeled, prepped and ready to eat or cook makes using fresh fruits and vegetables much easier. You may also want to boil lentils and beans and keep them in the freezer for using throughout the week. Meats can be marinated and placed in indivdual meal type boxes, ready to be cooked when required. Spend a day to organize yourself, and have your homeschool students help with the prep work.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Favourite meals are easy to remember and cook constantly. No matter how much your children love a particular meal, if you keep serving it to them continuously, they will eventually refuse to eat it. The idea here is to rotate between three or four different meals. This keeps things interesting for the menu. Pasta, burgers, soups, salads, pizzas, noodles, everything should make an appearance a couple of times in the week. This ensures that there is enough variety and the nutritious needs are also met for the family.