Taking a break has great benefits for any task. Constant repetition of any task can become monotonous and irritating. No matter what the activity, taking a break allows you to come back with a stronger sense of motivation. For a homeschool family physical breaks from the homeschool classroom should be a part of the daily schedule. Here are a list of few ideas that are cost effective and allow you to catch up with other household chores as well.

Take the Dog for a Walk

This actually has multiple advantages. You get away from the desk in the homeschool classroom. Your kids get some bonding time with the family pet. The chore of walking the pet can be completed in time. The whole break can actually be labeled as PE and added into the daily homeschool schedule. If the time is set daily, you can harvest all these advantages on a daily basis. The much looked forward to break will begin to feel as productive as getting a lesson done in the classroom.

Play Music and Start Dancing

You don’t have a pet and don’t have the bandwidth to get one right now. That’s alright. You can simply play music out loud, not so loud that it disturbs the neighbors, and dance to it with the kids. Physical movement allows you to displace the lethargy that sitting down to study in the homeschool classroom has brought to your muscles. Play happy tunes with peppy beats to keep the energy levels up. You can find plenty of songs and playlists that meet the criteria on Spotify. This also works well as a break when the weather doesn’t allow you to get outside.

Do a Sports Warm-Up Routine

Any professional sportsperson will tell you that the first thing they do when setting out to play a sport, is to warm up the body. Just because your homeschool children are not actively going out to play a sport, doesn’t mean that you can’t have them indulge in a good warm up routine. You can find a basic set of stretches and muscle movements on any fitness channel on YouTube. Adopt the ones that work best for your homeschool kids and get moving.