As a homeschooling teacher, there comes a time when you are swamped and just need a little time to play catch up with your homeschool students. Sadly when you are their only teacher, finding this free time during the homeschool daily schedule can become a tough job. Here are some popular and free online resources that a homeschool teacher can use to make their life easier.


Run by the Ted-Ex folks, Ted-Ed is all about education. Their collection of videos spans a large number of topics, many of which could act as good suplements to the lessons that your homeschool students are being taught in class. You could bookmark a few videos and keep them handy for your children to watch during the time when you need to catch up with other chores.

You can also consider educational videos from Khan Academy or YouTube on your list.

Project Gutenberg

If your lot of homeschool students are avid readers, there isn’t a better site than this for them to explore. With over 60,000 e-books of the world’s greatest literature that can be either downloaded or read online, it will keep them engaged for months on end. Just start them off on the Sherlock Holmes series. You may like to limit their reading to a book a week or per month, depending on their speed of reading.

You can also consider getting them a Kindle Unlimited subscription for more contemporary books.


Being able to converse in a second language is a skill that even adults master to put on their resumes. Why not get your homeschool students started off on learning a foreign language using this app. Your choices of languages include Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Finish, and English. They keep adding new languages all the time, so if your homeschool students want to switch to a different language after a level, they can do so.

The ease of use on the phone app makes it a popular choice, but it can also be accessed directly on the internet through their website. You will have to make individual accounts for each child so that they can monitor their own progress.