Learning is a constant in school. Homeschool parents are constantly teaching their homeschool students concepts. To ensure that what the teacher is imparting, is actually being understood and assimilated, there is a need for the students to display their knowledge. The worksheets and tests aside, what can homeschool students do to demonstrate that they have truly understood the concepts.

They can create their own learning aids. Here are some ideas to get you started. Feel free to adapt them to your own needs.

Biographies Made Interesting

Learning about a historical figure can be very interesting. To not just know where they were born, and died, but also understand how they lived. What society gave to them in their childhood, and how they shared their gift with society. All the facts will be shared with the homeschool student, and then to demonstrate their knowledge have them create a learning aid…in this case a fake social media account.

The homeschool student needs to add the details of the prominent incidents that occured in the life of the historical figure. They will populate their profile, add posts relevant to activities they have participated in, ensure that their friends are tagged in their prominent life events. Creating this fake social media account doesn’t need them to get online. They can do it all in a flip book offline.

Understanding Diseases

This could work as a biology project based on understanding diseases. They homeschool teacher has explained the concept of virus and bacteria. The basis of a multitude of diseases including the common cold. In order for the homeschool student to demonstrate their understanding, have them create the literature and images for a pamphlet that would be distributed to the public.

Given the recent exposure to viral activity and the many infographics that were created and frequently shared, the homeschool students can be shown what is expected as the final product. Now teach them some basic tools for creativity on the computer, and allow them to produce an infographic of their own. This can be printed out as a pamphlet and marked as a part of their curriculum.