Do you take a break from homeschooling during the summer? Or do you continue with the regular classroom schedule? Regardless of how much time the homeschooled students are spending in the classroom, summer is a good time to encorporate a number of fun activities into their daily routine. Here are some ideas that could be implemented or built upon for your homeschool family.


Cycling is a great exercise as well as means of transportation to other activities. Teach your homeschool students to cycle as soon as they are able to manage the peddling. In the summers have them get on their bikes and go to the local playground for picnics. They can carry a few treats to eat and drink along with them in a backpack.

Homemade Treats

For the above mentioned picnic, you can get the children involved in making interesting new treats for themselves. From homemade ice cream to fruit salads, they can pick up a bunch of eacy to make recipes. Many of them don’t involve the use of a flame, and can still give the homeschool family a veritable treasure of treats that they can take along with them on their summer biking trips.

Backyard Fun

That little patch of land that you call your backyard can become a full fledged fun-house during the summer months. Take a jar of soap water and twist some wires to have the homeschool students blow bubbles. Turn the edges of the backyard into flower beds and plant saplings. You can even use the garden hose to wash off everyone once the digging is done. Add a plastic pool and fill it up with water to have some soaking fun for th children.

Night Sky Stargazing

The backyard can be used at night as the platform for stargazing. Set out a few sleeping bags and have a camp-out in the backyard. You can even plan a little bonfire and add to the merriment with some camp songs. Not to mention making smores. Then settle in after dinner and wait for the stars to peep out. Teach the homeschool students about how to identify different constellations. See how many they can actually find in the night sky.