As your homeschool students enter High School, there is a need to change up the way you interact with them. Not only are they teenagers with raging hormones, they are young adults on the cusp of making their way in the world. Here are a few tips on how you can make their High School years most productive without adding too much pressure and anxiety on their young shoulders.

Business and Career Skills

Besides the regular subjects that they need to study to graduate High School, have them take up different business and career related skills. Accounting, ledger keeping, budgeting, and other financial skills will help them not just manage their salary, but also provide them with the background they need to run an independant business should they choose to.  Other life skills that they should pick up are driving two and four wheeler vehicles. Being able to move around town on their own is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Self Discovery through Hobbies

High School is the time that children are discovering themselves. What they like or dislike doing, without the influence of the adults around them. Now is a good time to encourage them to pick up any hobbies that they feel drawn to. It is also a good time to encourage hobbies which can involve particular members of the family to bond together. The experiences in this age will be the source of many memories all through their lives. Sharing a hobby can help them build connections which last a lifetime, helping them stay close over the years with their hobby enthusiasts.

Travel as an Add-On to Education

Planned excursions and holidays aside, simply taking a road trip for a week with no fixed destination or itinerary can also work as a great learning experience at this age. Having to think on the fly about managing money, food, finding places to stay, and also doing whatever sighseeing is involved, can be a memorable experience. Encourage your homeschool students to take such a trip with other friends and peers if possible to allow them to get the most out of the travel.