Festivals are a great time to sneak in extra learning and skills to your homeschool students in an enjoyable and stress free manner.

Spooky Tree and Decor

While trees may be traditionally associated with Christmas, a number of people do use spooky barks along with the Jack-o-lanterns as decor. Using chalk to draw spider’s webs on black paper sheets, or creating monster faces on paper plates are also fun craft ideas that can help with decorations around the house.

Another aspect to construct in the homeschool craft class is the costume that each homeschool student would like to wear. The accessories such as a witches’ hat, or a face mask to mimic the character they are dressing as, can keep them gainfully occupied.

Fun Activities and Games

Many regular party games can be transformed into halloween ones. Take for instance the lemon and spoon race. Replace the lemon with a monster eye and you have the monster eye and spoon race. Rules stay the same, no dropping the monster eye and no hands on the spoon. First person to complete the course wins.

You could take the three legged race and comvert it into the monster legged race. Just make sure that the race course is clear of any obstactles that could trip your three legged monster racers. Just give familiar games a twist to make them appeal to the halloween crowd.

Savoury Food Celebration

There’s always a ton of candy to be had in trick or treating each year. So instead of planning anything sweet on your menu, you may want to focus on snacks which are savoury as well as spooky. Making hard boiled eggs into monster eyes with a little organge cheese paste stuffed in them with black olives is a simple snack to start with.

If you are more skilled in the kitchen and don’t mind sharing it with your homeschool students, go ahead and assemble some witches brooms on a pretzel stick with some cheese string attached to it. Make a cauliflower brain bleed with some tomato pesto. Or just come up with your own version of spooky eats using inspiration from the internet.