There is more to teaching a homeschool class than simply reading the textbooks and doing the corresponding worksheets. Your homeschool students will keep you actively involved in every aspect of their learning. As a homeshool teacher, it will help you stay on top of things if you have a well organized schedule for the academic calender year. Here are some major goals that you need to plan around.

The Syllabus and How You Intend to Cover it

While you shouldn’t plan it down to every minute in the homeschool classroom, it will definitely help if you are aware of what and how much you need to cover every day, week and month in each subject you are covering. This will allow you to remain flexible and use hours left over from English in catching up with Maths. Using “Week at a Glance” planners is a good way to go for this purpose. You may also consider doing a “Month at a Glance” for each of your students individually.

Field Trips Planned for the Year

This could include everything from road trips to visits to the local park. The way to ideally organize this would be different for each homeschooling family. The season, the home town location, the interests of the homeschool students, and the budget will all play a part in helping decide what field trips get added to the academic calendar. It’s a good idea to get in a variety of different activities in the field trips to help widen the horizons of your young charges.

Records of All That Was Done

The actual teaching aside, it is important to maintain detailed records of whatever was covered for each homeschool student during the academic year. This is a task which often tends to slide to the back burner, but is a legal requirement in many states. In addition, the students will need these details in their transcripts should they choose to take admission in a college later on in their lives. Instead of rushing to get it down at the last moment, organize yourself so that you do the needful each month.