Working with others is a skill that all homeschool students need to develop. Having them play games to build camaraderie is a great way to build this skill. Given here are a couple of games that allow homeschool students to develop mutual trust and friendship, even as they have a blast playing.

The Mystery Game

Everyone loves to play detective. How about a twist on the regular scavenger hunt clues to play this mystery game. Here the children are all given different clues. Not the same one to start with. Each clue also has a number encoded on it. This gives them an idea about how the hunt for the item must progress. The children must work together to figure out first the order of the clues. Then they must begin to solve the mystery.

The end of the game occurs when what they are hunting for is found. This could be something as simple as a stuffed toy hidden away, or a surprise tea party organized by the homeschool teacher as a treat for the successful completion of the game. Have them dashing around from one room to the next within the house so that you have enough time to set up the picnic outside.

The Shrinking Land Game

This is a game where the homeschool children need to work together to figure out the best way to survive. There is an area marked out with a rope or a blanket, which is a safe zone. The children all need to fit into this. The area of land they own continues to shrink as the homeschool teacher reduces the rope boundary or folds the blanket randomly.

The homeschool students have to figure out a way to keep all their team members on the shrinking land without falling off. It can be quite a boisterous game and also involves the kids working together to meet their objective. Eventually the land will shrink enough for people to start tumbling off. The game ends when the first person has to exit the designated area. This game involves a fair amount of physical activity as well as mental agility.