Getting out into the real world is a great way to embed concepts that have been covered in academic sessions. Field trips are a good opportunity for your homeschooling family to combine learning with action and fun.

Conventional Trips to Places of Historical Importance

Every town has it’s own history. The citizens of the town should be aware of what this history consists of. While museums are a good place to start with, field trips to famous monuments around your area should also be explored. Get in touch with people who are experts on your town’s history and have them speak with your homeschool students about the olden days and how things were different then.

Conventional Trips to Places of History and Daily Utilities

Consider taking your homeschool students to public work places such as a Post Office, a Fire Station, a Police Station, and a functional Farm. Have the professionals in each place speak with your little ones regarding what their work day involves. This opens up the horizons of the children to truly understanding how our helpers are always working non- stop to ensure that we have safe and healthy lives.

Conventional Trips to Places of Natural Beauty and Importance

National Parks are a good field trip and road trip rolled into one exciting learning opportunity. Make your holidays count in terms of sightseeing. All of it can be journaled and brought into the class curriculum via some creative organization. Even short day trips to local places of natural beauty can prove to be a refreshing break for the homeschooling family. Just remember to grab some snacks in your picnic basket.

Unconventional Trips to Places of Personal Interest

In addition to historical places, consider less conventional ideas for field trips which the flexibility of homeschooling your children allows you to undertake. If your homeschool student has a specific hobby or interest, you may consider taking them to a place related to it. For instance if you are stressing on recyling in your home, and your youngf ones are committed to the green cause, you have the choice of taking them through the functioning of a recyling plant.