Recording the progress of your homeschool student is an important part of the process of homeschooling. While homeschool teachers may be a bit lax in this activity during elementary school, it’s a good idea to set up a record of how your homeschool student is faring middle school onwards in all subjects. There are different ways to evaluate the homeschooled child. Here are some suggestions.

An ‘End of Chapter’ Quiz

A written end of chapter quiz is a good way to check how well the information taught to the homeschool student has been retained. These worksheets need not be very elaborate. They can consist of a mix of multiple choice questions, true-false statements, fill in the blanks, and even a couple of subjective questions which require a more detailed answer. You can find a number of samples available online to help design your own worksheets.

Have the worksheets designed and ready to administer as soon as you have finished teaching the chapter. This works as a built-in revision system for the homeschool students, as well as an acurate measuring instrument for the homeschool teacher to check if concepts taught are clear. In addition these worksheets can be collected in a file for recording the evaluation process of th ehomeschool student throughout the academic session.

An ‘End of Year ‘Exam

This can be patterned on the regular school exams and include the entire syllabus for the academic year. The duration of the exam will naturally be much longer than the ‘end of chapter’ quizes. The grading of the homeschool student for the academic year can be done using the ‘end of year’ exam results for all the subjects that have been taught in the academic session to the child.

These marks or grades can be used to create a Grade Point Average. All the individual exams marks, the consolidated GPA and details of the student’s co-curricular activities can then be further compiled into a report card for the grade that they are passing from. Keeping these records handy will make it easier for the homeschool student, who is looking to get into higher educational courses in colleges, to get admission.