As the school year starts, it’s a good idea to welcome your homeschool students with a few activities which could become lasting traditions. It doesn’t have to be something very elaborate, but can be things that you add to throughout the academic session. Here are a few ideas.

A Fresh Photo Collage Board

Keeping a record is not always about grades and transcripts. Sometimes it’s about preserving precious memories. Take pictures of the homeschool students with their new school supplies, at their study area. You may want to record their progress through the year every month with a similar styled photo. Pin up the prints of these photos on the photo collage board. At the end of the year take a picture of the board before you store away the photos in an album.

A Personal Details Fact Sheet

Have a printed form read for the homeschool students to fill in with their personal details such as height, weight, class grade, phone number, blood group, etc. Ensure that these are details that they should be aware of. You can even add in a fun section of details which are their preferences and favourites, such as food, movies, books, sporting activities. It’s like a snapshot of them in words. Encourage them to be original in their answers and file these forms away. You can always do a follow up mide session to see what has changed in their tastes.

Story of the Week

Include a story telling day in your homeschool curriculum, so that they get practice in public speaking, sharing their opinion and answering questions from others. The story that they pick can be related to something that happened to them personally, or it can be a shorter narration of something they read or watched. Ask them to add a value or moral teaching that they discovered at the end of the narration. It’s a good idea to begin the homeschooling year with something entertaining and fun like this.

You can choose to add more activities which are age appropriate and based on the personal interests of your homeschool students. Just remember these will have to be repeated each year for a tradition to be established.