Do you have binoculars? How about a quick science lesson?

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There are two types of binoculars:

  • ROOF PRISM are more compact and more expensive and make slightly dimmer images.
  • PORRO PRISM have a zigzag shape and are heavier and bulkier, but better for astronomy.

To focus your binoculars:

  • Use central knob to focus the eyepiece that can’t be adjusted, and then focus the other eyepiece.

Example: If you have a pair that are 7 x 50:

  • As magnification increases (the first number), object in your viewing area becomes bigger. For astronomy, get at least a 7.
  • As the objective lens size (second number) gets bigger, more light gets in but the binoculars get bigger and heavier. Get at least a 35, if not 50.
  • To use them for astronomy, remember to use low power, like 7×50 or 10×50.
  • Lean against something if you are standing, like a car or a tree to steady yourself. (Use a lawn chair if you are sitting.)
  • Use a simple mount with an L bracket if you find you can’t hold them steady enough.

Here’s the original Facebook Live video I created that demonstrates this and more: