Homeschooling experiences can differ from family to family. The system used, the way the child is taught, how much they interact with others, it’s all different for everyone. If you are new to homeschooling and still trying to figure out your system, here are some different forms of homeschooling that you can consider.

Home based and taught by parents: In this case the entire experience of learning for the homeschool students has been at home. They have primarily been taught all that they know by their parents. This usually involves one parent being the main tutor with the second parent in a supporting role.

At Home, In Community and taught by different teachers: In such cases the children are not restricted to learning only at home from the parents, although the bulk of the learning does take place this way. They connect with the local homeschooling community and have interactive learning sessions with others. Parents of their peers may take special topics with them.

Using Formal Homeschool Curriculum and taught Online: In these cases the children may be learning at home, but the parents are not directly involved in teaching them. They cover a formal curriculum for homeschooling based on the online school that they are attending. The teaching is done through a combination of recorded videos and live lectures.

At Home and In School: In this sort of hybrid system, the homeschool students are taught at home by their parents in some subjects, but may also take traditional courses at the local high school. This allows them to have experiences a bit of both systems of education.

Elementary at Home, College in School: Another system that some homeschooling families follow is to allow the child to learn the basics at home in a somewhat traditional homeschool set up where the parent is the primary teacher. However after the child has finished high school, they encourage the child to learn courses in a college. These could be the local community college or a special course which interests the child elsewhere.

As you can see there’s a lot to how homeschooling can be done. The best part is the flexibility to be able to find what suits your family and your children the best.