The time you have left with your child in High School is limited. The skills that they need to learn seem endless. It doesn’t matter how much you have already covered with your homeschool student, as soon as they hit High School you feel like you are running out of time to teach them all the skills that they should know to survive and thrive in life. Instead of tearing your hair out in anxiety and frustration, focus on essential skills and organize a plan to ensure that they learn it all before graduation. Here are areas that you may like to focus on.

Personal Healthcare

Basic first aid aside, your child should be trained in what to expect during a health crisis. They should have a standard operating procedure for what they should do in an emergency. The homeschool students should also know what to expect while under care in a hospital. In case they need to help someone else having a health emergency they should be aware of what needs to be done.


From cleaning bathrooms to washing dishes, they should be aware of how to look after the home they stay in. Doing the laundry, ironing the clothes, even tacking on lost buttons, all the skills required to ensure that they are able to keep their home in running order are essential. Minor repairs, painting a room, or basic lawn maintenance are also good skills to brush up with them before they leave to set up home for themselves. Have them practice the skills while they are still living with you.

Self Defense

The world that we live in is no longer as safe as it used to be. Having basic self defense skills is important not just for young women but also for youung men. Being able to defend yourself can make all the difference in a life altering situation. Sign your homeschool students up for basic street defense classes. They do not need to be experts at mixed martial arts, but they should surely have the skills to fight off and survive a mugger. It will instill confidence in themselves as well.