Good study habits include a number of different skills that a High School student should inculcate. It will only make their lives easier when they begin their college education. Basic Classroom Skills that a homeschool student should know when they head off to college should include:

Writing an Essay

Being able to write essay lenght answers for assignments is an important skill. The homeschool teacher should provide enough practice to the homeschool student to ensure that they master it. This is a skill which they will use repeatedly through their college years and understanding the requirements early on will help them perform better.

Writing Emails to the Professor/ Teaching Assistant

Often the college student will require to get in touch with the professors who are teaching him. Being able to convey exact help required or the concern being raised precisely, will enable the child to recieve the correct guidance from their professors.

Taking Notes in Class

While there are a number of resources availble to the college students today, attending a lecture and making their own notes continues to be the best way to learn. Having the ability to make inclusive notes which helps them retain all that they have been taught, is a skill that all students should polish up from an early age.

Research Skills, both Online and In Library

The generation that is being raised today is very good at using the internet. Having resources on their fingertips online, may have made it easy for them to forget about the existance of physical libraries. The homeschool teacher should ensure that the homeschool student is able to understand how books can be accessed in a physical library. They should also know how to find relevant material based on their assigments and being able to give references in a proper manner.

Filing Documentation for Financial Aid

Many colleges offer financial aid to their students. Your homeschool student whould be able to find out about all such options and apply for the ones that he or she is eligible for. This will help reduce the financial burden of a college education tremendously. They should be able to find and apply for these grants and loans on their own.