Classroom rules are used to ensure that everyone in the class is on the same page and that learning can occur seamlessly. While it is a common concept in public schools for the teacher to dish out the classroom rules, the same is not always true with homeschool teachers. Yet, having a clear set of rules that apply to the homeschool students while in class, can actually help increase productivity for the homeschool teacher. Here are some tips to make it happen.

Students Like Routine

Have the rules include a set routine for the day, even as the subjects that are being scheduled may differ. The homeschool teacher should explain the routine to the homeschool students at the begining of the year and then adhere to it. This would include study time, play time, snack time, and nap time. Put it all together in an optimum manner and your homeschool students will be well rested and learning easily. This set schedule makes it easier for the homeschool teacher and students to function properly without too much effort.

Outline Expectations

Often times the homeschool teacher gets frustrated because the homeschool students are not performing as per their expectations. Sadly, these are expectations that have not been communicated to the homeschool students clearly. A good way to outline them is via a written set of rules placed in the homeschool classroom. Have the homeschool students read them and mark their understanding. This can include being quiet during the time the teacher is talking, doing their worksheets within the stipulated time, being respectful of other members of the class, and anything else the homeschool teacher finds relevant.

Setting Boundaries Helps

When the homeschool students face a problem, have them try and solve it within the boundaries of the classroom rules that they have been taught. Everything from cleaning up after themselves, to ensuring that they do not disturb a sibling who is working on an assignment, can be made a part of the rules. Having established these boundaries and communicated them to the students, the homeschool teacher will have a ready recourse for any overstepping that occurs.