Celebrating Independence day with these Unit study ideas is a good way to begin to explain the history of the nation to young homeschoolers. They should be aware that its more than simply having picnics outdoors and watching fireworks. These activities allow them to learn in a fun manner.

Basic Map Work

Understanding the shape and size of the nation is a good place to start. Have the homeschool students fill in the states and capitals. This geography activity can be expanded for older children by having them draw out historical maps based on the colonial times. Another map activity could be to have them pick out headlines from the newspapaer and then pinpoint the places mentioned on the map.

Writing a Historical Letter

This writing skills practice is a fun activity which will make the homeschool students research the history of the nation before they can pen the letter down. The idea is to give them a situation from the past, have them pretend to be actually living it, and then have them write a letter home to describe what they went through. For instance the Boston Tea Party can be used as the event, and they can imagine themselves to be an observer who saw what went down on the ships. Then write about it to their family back home.

Patriotic Songs or Skits

Learning the lyrics to a patriotic song and performing it before an audience of family and friends on 4th of July is another cultural activity that can be undertaken. If you have enough of a crowd to work with, you can even have them write and perform a short historical play or skit. The research into costumes and stage management is going to prove a good learning experience.

Food in Flag Colors

Having explained to them the signiifcance of the symbology of the American flag, you can add to the excitement by having them prepare simple foods in the flag colors. Using red, blue and white fruits to make a salad is a good place to start. Or you may consider baking a cake with the three colors as stacked layers. Lots of ideas available online for this activity.