The fall is a great time to head outdoors. It’s not quite as cold as it will be with winter snow and not quite as hot as the summer with the sun streaming down. It’s ideal for children who can be bundled up and taken outdoors for a homeschool day of fun and learning. Here are some suggested ideas.

Mushroom Hunting

There is a huge crop of mushrooms that shows up on the forest floors during the fall. The decaying leaves make an excellent source of nutrition for them. While your homeschool students may not be that fond of eating mushrooms on their own, they may enjoy the idea of going on a mushroom hunt where they can take photographs of different types of mushrooms that they see.

Building a Scarecrow

The whole concept of protecting what you grow from the birds is an intriguing one for the young ones. You can start with a lesson on how agriculture helps feed humanity and end with a practical where they build a scarecrow. Have them come up with ideas about different materials that they can use. Let them explore how they can get the structure to stand upright and the whole experience will be a lot of fun.

Climbing a Tree

It may be easier to climb a tree when the branches are bare of all leaves. It will allow your homeschool kids to see where they need to go next much easier. Do ensure that you are present when they are doing this activity. Also teach them how to test branches for safety with partially transferring their weight on to them. It’s okay to get a few scaped knees and hands.

Bird Watching and Feeding

As the trees lose leaves, the birds also loose out on food. There are no more easily accessible insects behind the leaves, and there is no fruit to peck at. Teach your homeschool students how to build a bird feeder and help the local birds not go hungry. It’s always a delight when the birds become tame enough to sit on the lawn while you are still there.