There’s a general slump in the homeschool classroom as the festive season begins and the other chores around the house need more time and effort. It’s still possible to homeschool effectively if you have planned out some activities that complement the season. Here are some ideas for indoor fall activities that your homeschool students can get productive with.

Painting Fall on a Canvas

With all the colors whirling around outside it should be easy to paint their impression of fall. Just provide your homeschool students with an easel and paints and let their imagination run wild as they create fall masterpieces. A mixed medium painting may also be experimented with if they want to stick actual leaves from outdoors in the painting.

Clay Leaf Shaped Bowls

Pottery does not always require a potter’s wheel. Find some clay that your homeschool kids can shape into different lead designed bowls and bake them in the microwave oven. You can get easy recipes to make your clay with a quick search online. Many can be made using using ingredients in the kitchen. You may experiment with different clay recipes and shapes to your heart’s content.

Pumpkin Designs Carving

It would never do to ignore pumpkins in the fall. So get a few medium sized ones. Core them out and reserve the material for making pumpkin recipes later on. Now use the shell of the pumpkin to sketch out and carve designs into with your homeschool students. You can start with simple ones if the kids are really young, and then move up the complexity as the years go by.

Pumpkin Pie

Baking is a good indoor activity that allows your homeschool students to learn new skills as well as make yummy treats for the family. To make pumpkin pie from scratch is a lengthy and labor intense process. You may want to split it up over a couple of days to ensure that your kids don’t get bored. Get a recipe from a trusted source because you want to be sure that all that effort does not go to waste.