There are days at a stretch when you feel productive as a homeschool teacher. When the kids are doing their lessons on time and you are meeting all your scheduled goals. However, this is not always the case. There will also be days when you are in a slump. When no matter how hard you try, things just don’t get done and each passing day sees you go behind your homeschool schedule so much that you never feel that you are ever going to catch up. Take a deep breath and exhale. Now take a look at these strategies to cope with the slump.

Take a Break from the Routine

I know it sounds counter productive when all you need to do is run like crazy to catch up, but a break can actually be rather helpful. It will have you relax and unwind and think without stress about what you need to do next. So take the homeschool children to the zoo, or go with them to the park and play ball. It will help relieve the tension.

Mix Things Up in the Classroom

If you have stuck to the exact same routine when it comes to teaching the different subjects in the homeschool classroom all through the year, you may want to mix things up by switching times for different lessons. You may let them do an easy subject in the morning to set the pace for a productive day rather than start with something difficult when they are still fresh.

Give Your Students a Holiday to Take Time for Teacher Planning

It’s horribly stressful to have to make all the decisions for the homeschool students while they study and still plan out the next day’s workload even as you have not yet finished today’s. So stop stressing out everyone. Give them a couple of educational movies to watch or books to read and let them play after lunch. You can then catch up with all the different things that you needed to do but couldn’t because you were so tied up. It will have everyone come back to the homeschool classroom feeling much better the next day.