The greeting card companies came up with a number of holidays to celebrate just so that they could sell more cards. However, you can take some of these somewhat crazy holiday ideas and use them rather productively in your homeschool classroom as a teaching tool. You can pick one holiday each week and celebrate it. Aren’t you glad to know that October is supposed to be National Pizza Month?

Pick the Holidays and Make a List

Needless to say that you will find more than three hundred holidays on the list. Many of which may not be appropriate for your home and family. This means you need to find the ones that you would like to celebrate. So sit down and pick 54 holidays and type the list out. This way each week your homeschool students will have something to look forward to celebrating.

Add an Activity each to the Holiday List 

It’s not a celebration until you have done something to celebrate it. The big ones like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the like are easy. They come with ready made celebration ideas. It’s the smaller ones like United Nations Day (October 24) that you need to work on. Think up of ways to celebrate these holidays with an activity that is associated with them. For instance for Armed Forces Day ( May 30) you could plan to visit the local Veteran’s home bringing home baked cookies.

Learn Together About the Holiday

Often there may be celebrations about things that you may not be too aware of. In this case make it a point to teach yourself and your homeschool children more about what the holiday represents. There are usually enough ways to get information about a holiday online. You could consider holidays celebrated in countries abroad in order to truly widen the horizons of your homeschooled kids.

The holiday list can be altered each year to add different holidays to celebrate. Keep the old ones that you enjoyed and replace the ones that bombed with something new to discover. You don’t need to be very fussy about the date, as long as you celebrate that week, it’s fine.