The whole day can go to waste if you don’t start it off right. It’s easy to want to sleep in till the last minute and the hustle the children to the homeschool classroom. However it may not be the most effective way to get them and yourself started off. Here are some morning rituals that a homeschool teacher may want to consider adding to their day. Pick one or all of them.

Five Minutes of Meditation

It’s going to be an active day if you are headed to the homeschool classroom to teach your kids. The first lesson on wards, you will not have time to sit and rest. So instead, let’s get that me time in the day before you head out of the bedroom. Once you wake up, open the windows of the bedroom and in the light of the newly minted day, begin to meditate.

Expressing Five Minutes of Gratitude

Sit down with a timer for five minutes and just close your eyes and give gratitude for everything from the cosy bed that you slept in to the rugrats still in bed. It will shift your focus to the more important things in life and you will stress less about the trivial things that will go wrong during the day.

The Silent Morning Cup of Green Tea or Coffee

Another ritual many people follow is to have a quiet cup of tea or coffee before starting off the hustle bustle of the day. This is a time for contemplation and planning. If you can take these few minutes to sort through all that you need to achieve during the day, you will be in a better position to plan your actions throughout the day.

Get Together With Your Partner

Early in the morning is also a good time to spend with your partner. It may be spent in silence together or even to make plans for the day or week ahead. The bond between the parents is just as important to nurture in a homeschool family as the bond between the homeschool teacher and the homeschool students.