Check out what other parents have said about our science programs!

"I found Supercharged Science a year ago. I liked the concepts and the experiments looked fantastic, but was a little hesitant about the price. WHAT WAS I THINKING? After mediocre experiments in other science programs, I finally 'gave in' and signed up for the eScience summer camp so I could try it out. My kids love Supercharged science and I regret that I didn't start a year ago. I now regret that we missed a year of awesome, Supercharged Science. We are definitely using Aurora's program next year and beyond as our main curriculum. I am learning with my kids and we are all have having a blast. I wish all our subjects could be this much fun. Thanks Aurora for being really committed to teaching our kids and bringing us these quality programs in such an easy to use format."

~Kim Bauer, California Home school mom

"I LOVE THE PROGRAM!!! I love that you have the forethought to give us supply lists. I LOVE that you speak to my kids about atoms, particles, accelerators, generators, nuclear physics, all four types of force and treat them like they are...REAL SCIENTISTS !!!! You are a wonderful role-model for my scientific daughter and son, as well as for my husband and I. You do have a tremendous impact in helping us motivate our learners. "Let me reiterate that never before in one day, in SOOO many ways have I heard my kids so clearly exclaim: "I CAN!" I love the warning you post on your website encouraging repetition, persistence, and participation. ALL LEARNING should have this label!"

~Bernadette Frischkorn, Alaska

"Aurora and Supercharged Science... I just have to tell you: Forget the kids! I'm excited by science now--teaching and learning. I'm over the top pleased by this program!

"I'm a single mom, trying to homeschool two kids, one with special needs (Aspergers) WHILE running a childcare during the day. Researching and setting up science experiments for my own daughters while chasing after toddlers (let alone actually being there to teach/supervise the experiments without being called away to something smelly or broken) was nearly impossible and quite frustrating to us all. I'd gotten to the point of giving up and so had my daughter.

"We've only gotten through one of the summer camps but in that time you have rescued my sanity and my daughter's waning interest in what was her favorite subject (pre-childcare). I was almost in tears when we saw the videos and started the experiments because I realized that she has something to follow if I get called away. You make it so clear and you cover the "oops!" factor for suggestions when something goes astray of expected results. And one great big thanks for the written shopping lists with links to find the things that are out of the norm. Thank you again for filling a need in my daughter's life."


"Just wanted to let you know that my boys are so busy, so busy doing all the cool experiments you sent on the DVD. They think this is the best, and have already done the Ivory Soap, the grape, rockets and the house is exploding in stuff they are experimenting with to see what happens. I cannot tell you how happy they are and we will almost certainly want to continue our subscription for fall. We are doing a one week serious all day fun camp of science, complete with t-shirts and science snacks. That is the reason I purchased the summer program, but the boys are truly enjoying all of this we are going to need to continue. Just thought you would wanted to know how much joy you brought to two little boys in Monterey, California."

~Christina Severinghaus

"Aurora knows her stuff. The video demonstrations are clear, engaging and inspiring. The text is easy to understand. The experiments go from fun to hilarious! The online section will never let you get bored... The customer service is better than we've found in any business, whether homeschool resource-oriented or not. You will have that taken-care-of feeling. Put it all together, and you have the best deal anywhere. Oh, did I mention? We're really happy with our purchase." ~Helen Dallman
"My boys have been picking away at the electricity experiments and they threw a FIT when I told them it was time to put it away because it was time for dinner. I am not happy about their bad attitudes, but I have been homeschooling for 8 years now and they have NEVER reacted with such vehemence about wanting to CONTINUE school as they did with your science. I was completely overjoyed that they were enjoying it so much." ~Samantha Sampson
"Aurora, that was an amazing Astronomy presentation you put together for the eCamp. I love astronomy and have listened to lots of kid geared presentations with my children.... boring! Yours kept me huddled close to the phone with my son. So much information offered in a conversational way like we're sitting around the dinner table discussing something we're passionate about." ~Brenda Praggastis

"Aurora, Just wanted to say thanks for making science my son's favorite part of the day. As homeschooler's my son is not afforded the opportunity to compete in the science fair. Our homeschool group put together a fair of our own. There wasn't any competition per se, but each child completed a project to present to the other children and their parents.

"My 7 year old, Noah decided to present the "Matrix of acid and bases". It was a huge success. One of the adults present was a scientist for Sandia Labs. She asked Noah several questions regarding his project and he had the answers. He really understood the material. He talked about exothermic and endothermic changes he'd recorded on his data sheets, indications based on color changes and the fact that the cabbage indicator seemed unable to perform in hydrogen peroxide (see question on the matrix page). She was quite impressed and told him that she hoped he continued, to which he replied "That's the plan, I intend to be a scientist on a space mission someday". Thanks again for making my life so much easier when it comes to science and giving my son the education that just wouldn't be possible if I was left to my own devices!!"

~Shari Linsley

"I signed up for the summer e-science camp, and my 9 year old son LOVED the camp!! He designed a boat out of an egg carton and two motors with little hand-held fan blade. He went out to the pool to try it out and came in screaming, ''It works!!! It works!!! Come look Mom!!'' All of his projects worked to his surprise. He has been inspired to branch out and really think!! Thank you for this wonderful program!!! The glow in Zack''s eyes is priceless!! THANK YOU for this awesome program!!"

~Tina Smith

"Aurora, I can not thank you enough for this program. My son has auditory and visual processing difficulties and is in 7th grade. he is almost to grade level reading but it is very challenging to learn by textbook (not to mention how really boring learning from textbooks can be) we were going to use another program for this yr but after being in your summer camp and now seeing how this program is set up I can have him read the main point download-get into the experiments and read the text with him if he is further interested!!! thank you too for the exercise that we can do as a discussion!!! I can not thank you enough. Your text reads more like a living book as the author is so excited about the subject-are you the author? This all is very easy to access! You solved my dilemma for science this year but finances might not allow a whole year. It is a great value to me and all my sons. My eight yr old is still making baking soda rockets on our deck!!"

~Teresa Knorr

"Aurora... Today my daughter (8) did the racer robot from the last week of camp (we are a little behind). The squeals and giggles could be heard throughout the house. The Waterbot from last week is still in the guest bathtub waiting for Grandpa, who was an electrician, to visit later this month. After building the Racerbot, we headed to Target to get the traveling soap container so that we could make the remote control tomorrow.

"In the evenings, I''ve been getting a binder prepped for your fall class. I''ve been looking through the first unit, and as I read these projects when they come out of the printer I keep saying ''Wow! This is so cool!''. I had to write to say THANK YOU! You are amazing! My daughter is so fortunate to have a woman like you teach her science. You are the role model I was hoping to find to show her that girls can do anything--and you do it with flair! THANK YOU!!"

~M.C., Georgia

"Thanks so much for your advice regarding my daughter's fruit battery science fair project. She won second place today in the 7th and 8th grade division! As you can imagine, she is very pleased. It is an especially meaningful "victory" for us because Lynne has a learning disability which makes it difficult for her to organize information. Your kit made it so much easier for us to work on this project than if we had tried to piece it together on our own. Thanks for your excellent product and your personal feedback. I will ask my husband to send you a photo tonight. Wish I had known about your classes and website earlier! I am forwarding the email to friends."

~Caroline Fetter

"My kids loved the live teleclass today! :) I love the way you organize learning science it makes my life so much easier as a non-science oriented homeschool mom. Thank you so much for all your work. My son is very excited to try the potato cannon experiment. Thanks so much for your quick responses and for fixing the video issues we had. We love your stuff!!!!"

~J. Sanchez

"What do I think?.... Hmmm. IT'S TOTALLY AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS! I am not much of a science-type of homeschool mom. :) I really love math, and I do well teaching reading, writing and history, but I have utterly failed when it comes to teaching science. We have been, up to this point, totally lacking in this area within our homeschooling endeavor. I love and appreciate that you use every day and inexpensive items to show children principles in science. It really has helped me feel more comfortable with teaching science to my children. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~Amanda Burrow (and children: ages 9,8)

"Science is one of the subjects that we homeschool moms can love to hate. It's not the reading a textbook that's the problem, it's usually the hands-on part that can be overwhelming. Also, when you get into topics like physics and chemistry, well, let's just say it can be a bit intimidating to try to explain something you don't totally understand yourself.

"Supercharged Science takes away all the excuses and makes science come alive for students of all ages. Written and designed by Aurora Lipper, a former engineering professor and NASA scientist, this amazing program takes what can be difficult material and breaks it down into fun, bite-sized pieces. Best of all, everything is accessed online, and all your children can learn together. The eScience online program is for grades K - 12, though after reading through the units, those who will benefit most will be kids in grades 2 - 12. Of course, younger children will love watching and learning with their siblings, but much of the material will be a bit over their head and reading level.

"Aurora has really put a lot of thought into how science is best taught to children, and how she can best help busy parents to get the most from this curriculum. There are currently 11 units primarily covering physical science and chemistry, with more in development. Each unit will take between 1 and 3 weeks depending on your own scheduling and the number of activities you and your child decide to do. When you are logged in to the site, you can click on the syllabus and see all the unit topics on one page. Then, you just follow the steps: read/ print the lesson plan (includes lesson objectives and overview for the parent), print the list of materials, watch the intro video, choose the experiments you'd like to do, students then read the text (either online or printed), and then the written material/quizzes.

"My favorite part is the great experiment and activity choices. First, everything is explained very well, but best of all, you and your children can watch Aurora explain and do the experiment on video. So, even if you don't have everything you need, or perhaps decide the activity is too difficult for your child, they can still benefit from watching it.

"Aurora's passion for science and for teaching is contagious! Even the most reluctant learner is sure to get excited about science. Since the curriculum applies to students all the way through high school, some of the experiments and concepts are definitely more challenging.

"Of course, as the teacher, you will be choosing what parts to use.

"Also, they have provided a challenging text to download for older students to read as part of each unit. Users of the eScience program from Supercharged Science pay a monthly access fee. The depth and breadth of this program, along with the over 600 experiments and video instruction definitely justify the price, especially if you have more than one student using the curriculum. The site is packed with lots of extras including math help, a prerecorded teleclass for each lesson, and science fair project ideas. With the way it is organized, older children should be able to study with Aurora on their own, with minimal help from mom. "But be warned, moms will probably want in on the learning as well - the videos are THAT interesting. And, because Aurora believes that science is best learned by doing, your child will spend lots of time with hands-on learning, that you'll probably want to be a part of as well. Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. They offer plenty of free material on their website, along with a risk-free trial of the eScience program."

Cindy Prechtel

"When I asked my kids what the highlights of our year had been, they unanimously said it was Aurora's Supercharged Science (stuff). They had the most wonderful (time) making gadgets, mixing goo, playing with lasers and walking on water! Aurora inspired them to try, tinker and think!"

~ Viviane Martinez, Santa Barbara, California

"I just started your Chemistry unit and have been shocked at how enthusiastic my 12 yr. old son is. (I have had to confiscate his slime so he can work on other subjects!) So now I will always be sure we do some experiments before reading the text info. I'm also going to see if I can somehow incorporate the "hands on first "introduction to other subjects (math, writing, history-I've had better luck with that, but it probably wouldn't work for grammar.) I have a 10th grade daughter who doesn't like any subject, and isn't interested in the science program (we have always done the "text first, and experiments if there's time left" approach with her) I'm hoping some of the more dramatic experiments may get her interested."

~S. Gaines

"Thank you...we have just started our first lesson of air pressure and so far it is a HUGE hit! My son absolutely loved the first 2 experiments we did, they were just what I needed to get him interested in learning all about air pressure! We plan on stretching each section over a 2-4 week period, for example, the air pressure guide has led us to learning about the effects air pressure has on the weather. I will recommend this program to all my fellow homeschoolers as a must have for any interactive program! Thank you very much for generously offering these lessons for immediate download! I think I am having as much fun as my son and we have just gotten started! I look forward to the following days of fun filled science!"

~Victoria (and Ash, 8 yrs old)

"So far we have only used the video clips and done so many neat things you've emailed over the sons are crazy about it, and I love that they are ALWAYS curious, always eager to get into it- never with any drudgery- they love what they are learning. And as a mom, seeing that first hand- it feels great. All you do just comes down as a BIG blessing to our family."

~Shelley Clements, Valrico, Florida

"We began home schooling our 12-year old son last spring. Finding your web site was one of the best discoveries on the internet. Thank you for making science real, tangible and fun. Keep up the great work in inspiring a generation of thinkers!"

~Brian and Kelly Francis, Mount Vernon, Washington

"Super,Super and Super is what I have to say about this awesome program! After attending the class at the homeschool convention I was excited and couldn't wait to share my experience with my sons. We received a sample kit and brought it home for them to try. As soon as they saw the gadgets they were hooked. But the best part is when they put one of the projects together (without my help) I knew I'd made a great investment. Their faces said it all. And when I told them I bought the whole kit, they were in anticipation every time the mail truck went bye. Thanks Aurora for making us the greatest parents on the planet."

~Hope and Charles, Kissimmee, Florida

"I'm sold! My son didn't come to CHAP so he didn't see your enthusiasm or your neat kits but when he gets going on the robotics kit I bought him I know he'll love it. He's really going to want to get the submersible kit too."

~Christine Gurzler, Drums, PA

"Aurora, I love getting your Rocket Scientist Newsletter. I really appreciate the fact that you break down the projects into 1, 2 or even three e-mails. This allows us to really delve into each step one at a time gaining a true understanding of it before moving on to the next step."

~Kelly Stoner, East Berlin, PA

"Thanks so much for making science so fun and interesting! Your enthusiasm for all things scientific really rubs off on me and inspires me. Before supercharged science, I would dread having to teach my kids science."

~Mardi, Auburn, WA

"We just received our kit, "The Whole Schebang" and boy, are the kids ready to dig in! We met Aurora at the Homeschool Convention in our area. We knew nothing of Surpercharged Science until we walked up to her booth! WOW, the engergy was contagious! Seeing all those kids having fun and excited about learning made me feel that I could be excited teaching science! Not only did she make it look easy but she made it look fun! My son, didn't want to leave the laser experiment and I knew he was hooked, line and sinker! Thanks for opening up a whole new world to not only our two kids but our whole family!"

~Kathy S., Redmond, WA

"Our 8 year old grandson was very excited when we recieved the package with all the projects. He was able to read the instructions, watch the video and assemble the hover craft all by himself. We were very impressed by his excitement and the patience he displayed in completing the project."

~Melvin and Patrice Bailey, Peachtree City, GA

"Aurora, My children were dreading being drug through the aisles of the homeschool convention until we found your booth. Now my kids are enjoying their very own Supercharged Science Mastery Kit and are planning for next years convention when they can come hang out at your booth. They all loved your presentation. You are such an energetic enthusiastic teacher. You engage them in normal conversations while you are actually teaching them science and they learned and had fun. They are even trying to figure out how we could come to your camp next year. Thank you for planting a seed for the love of physics."

~Judy Harrington, Windermere, FL

"We ordered one of your science pack at a homeschool conference. Your booth had the most excitement, I wasn't sure I could replicate it at home. Well, it is incredible! What I like the most is that we can watch the DVD and see how the science project is supposed to look like. We are learning so much, the kids can't get enough!"

~Celiane Limes, Edgewood, WA

"After listening and watching just one telecast my kids were so excited! I found them in the back yard creating their own "experimental" rockets and volcanoes. Great hands on experience that got their brains and bodies involved in "Would this work?" science."

~Kris, Guide Rock, Nebraska

"We saw your presentation at the bookfair in Atlanta and bought your program immediately. My kids were so excited about it that they couldn't wait until our shipment arrived. They are now working on different experiments every day. I am so happy that they are so excited about learning. I also love that the experiments can be duplicated again and again with simple items that we have at home."

~Elizabeth Cavanhaugh, Warner Robins, GA

"I have never seen my kids so excited about anything! I wish every subject could be met with such enthusiasm!"

~ Clint & Laurie Olney, MD

"I teach high school special education science, seeing concrete activites helps my students to relate to the activity better."

~Lori, Toms River, NJ

"We homeschool our 8 year old daughter, and as a dad who works in the sciences, I'm often expected to take on the role of visiting science instructor. Since we are not yet following a set science curriculum, what I like to do is fun demonstrations and experiemnts like we would find at a science museum. Your newsletter has allowed me to do this because I can collect ideas and then do a unit (like your aerodynamics series, which has been so great!) when we have a weekend session. When we are ready, we will buy a whole curriculum, but in the meantime, the "Free Stuff" and newsletter activities give us alot of ideas to choose from. Thanks for the passion you put into your work, and keep it coming!"

~Jon Raybourne, Rogue River, Oregon

"The projects and experiments that we receive every week are constructive and easy to understand. the principles behind each one is not too technical and does not blunt the enthusiam of the learner."

~Henry James, Durban - South Africa

"Aurora, Hi I just wanted to tell you when I ordered Supercharged Science. I really was not sure of how I was going to use it. When it arrived and I opened the box I was amazed at how much was in the box. I could not believe that each bag had every thing I needed for the experiments and lessons. My kids twin 9 year old girls are so excited and just can't decide were they want to start. We will be sending you pictures soon. Thanks".

~Mark Sturm, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"My 9 year old absolutely loves your science program. I love the fact that he is doing something to expand his science awareness, while he thinks it is just plain fun! He often wants to have his friends come over so they can work on the projects together. Thanks for making your love of science contagious!"

~Amy, Santa Barbara, CA

"I am a special education inclusion teacher and these experiments are great, written in easy-to-understand language and very complete. Love the videos!"

~Pat, Montville, NJ

"We discovered your science experiments at our local homeschool fair. Our son would have been happy to "campout" at your booth for the entire day. We ordered two of your science kits which were promptly put together with the help of the video instruction. He was hooked and so are we! Thank you for putting the fun back into our science studies."

~Dan and Bonnie, Sudlersville, Maryland

"My son attends public school and there is a woeful lack of science involvement and introduction at the second and third grades especially. I am excited about what you are offering. We already have your electricity and robotics kit and spent days watching and learning and building things. My son loved building his robot! Thank you for making it fun and easy to understand."

~Meena Carroll, Morro Bay, CA

"My children love your stuff. They are more curious about things and doing lots more experiments now on their own. It was like kick-starting their brains! My son especially loves it when we go over the newletter. Thanks for making science so much fun."

~Wendy Allen, Chester, VA

"I am new to Supercharged Science -- but am thrilled that I discovered it! I think the ideas contained in the newsletter I received in my inbox will SUPERCHARGE my students to explore science!"

Mrs. B, Austin, Texas

"When we first saw you at the Homeschoolers Covention in PA this year, I thought, "boy she really knows her stuff!" and you REALLY DO Aurora! Thanks for all you do with science and making it so much fun to learn."

~The Wood Family, Butler, PA

"What boy doesn't love to build rockets from toilet paper tubes. Thank you for making science fun for all of us."

~Pilah, Centereach, NY

"Thanks for passing your love of science on to us in a real and hands on way!"

~Marisela Lawson, Steelton, PA

"My boys justed loved the paper airplane teleclass. They built different models and had races. My floor was covered in so many different shaped planes!"

~Alison, Canton, GA

"Aurora: I appreciated your booth at the Virginia HEAV convention. Your model rockets and laser models made the booth very interesting and fun. We look forward to getting more involved with your program."

~Nick Spyros, Haymarket, VA

"My oldest son doesn't get very excited when it's time to sit down for science class. But now, by throwing in some Supercharged Science experiments in, He wants to do science first everyday....and last!"

~Kasey, Dora, Alabama

"Your Science Experiments are a SUPER fun, SUPER quick and SUPER easy way to teach and learn science. We look forward to your emails."

~Meg Brown, New Hartford, CT

"Rocket Scientist Newsletter is great! Everything is simple to understand and FUN!"

~Deb G., Greenbush, VA

"My children where not interested at all in science until this program. I just want to thank you for helping my kids and I enjoy science at a different prospective!"

~Johnny Green, Liberty, NC

"My children are new to homeschool and have only participated in one science telecourse. It was so much fun we can't wait for the next one! From gathering the materials to conducting the experiment -- it was a blast (literraly and figuratively)! Thank you so much for all you do."

~Jennifer, Odenton, MD

"Since I met you at the MACHE Homeschool Conference this past April my outlook on teaching science has changed greatly. I am Supercharged about doing science with my family. I am continually encouraging every parent I know to visit your website and see what you offer. Homeschooled or Public Schooled, every student will see science in a new exciting light!"

~Amber Sechser, Pine River, MN

"Aurora - You have modified a college education in science so that it is fun for kids."

~Bob Keil, Syracuse, NY

"My son, who is in 5th grade, absolutely loves doing the teleclasses and trying the experiments in the e-mails we get. Even my daughter, who is in 8th grade, gets wrapped up in the experiments as well. We all have a hard time stopping our special science time."

~Jennifer, Wappingers Falls, NY

"My son and I love your Rocket Science Newsletter. He is always wanting to get onto the computer and check out the project. He saw you teach at the Homeschool Convention in Atlanta, GA and has been captivated by science ever since. You are a true inspiration and a wonderfully fun educator. My son is a kinesthetic learner and your program is great for us. Your teaching style and projects work perfect for him. You're energetic and he is also, so he can 'move and do' the projects with pleasure."

~Julie and Seth Parrish, Brunswick, GA

"I absolutely love receiving the newsletter and can't wait to open it to find what new and easy science project you've shared this time. THANK YOU for helping this Nana make science a fun thing to teach the grandkids."

~Jayne Nagy, Timberlake, NC

"We saw you at at the HEAV convention in VA back in June. My three children never left your table for two days. They were so enthralled by what you were showing and doing with the different experiments. Your enthusiasm sparked a renewed interest in science. You showed how science can be fun even for a girly girl of 14 years. You even had my 40 year old husband glued to the Vandegraff (sp?) Generator. He now wants to make one.....Thanks for the newsletter and the tele classes. My kids are always wanting to check my email for the weekly newsletter to see what you are doing....Great Job!!!"

~Ginger, Quantico, VA

"My 7 and 8 yr old children absolutely love your experiments! The experiments have always been successful even for my 4 year old. Thank you for sharing your love of science with my children. We look forward to your next teleclass."

~Aimee, San Jose, CA

"My children and I love your projects. They are so much fun, and very educational! Thank you!"

~Jenny, Alaska

"I personally am not particularly fond of Science. I just don't seem to gather all of the ingredients required by so many science curriculums. Yet, it is my children's favorite subject. My children enjoy watching Aurora demonstrate her science projects with the excitement and enthusiasm she has. Aurora seems to energize them as she portrays those fascinating experiments. Even though they do not get the hands on experiments all the time, they still learn so much. Well done. :o)"

Ken and Ursula Norby, Carpinteria, CA

"Your science newsletters are great and helpful. Just when I begin to feel overwhelmed in science, a newsletter pops in my inbox... and I get excited again... and make time for a quick science experiment that teaches. Thanks for proding me along to make science fun... for everyone!"

~Lorraine Solomon, Canyon Country, CA

"My kids have never been excited to start school - they now are counting down the days until Supercharged Science begins. Your homeschool conference booth was the most fun ever."

~Scott, Williamsburg, VA

"When I asked my kids what the highlights of our homeschool year had been, they unanimously said it was Aurora's Supercharged Science Camp. They had the most wonderful week making gadgets, mixing goo, playing with lasers and walking on water! Aurora inspired them to try, tinker and think!"

~Viviane, Santa Barbara, CA

"Our liitle girl was struggling with science and we came across your experiments. We did the ivory soap one and she has been intrigued ever since!! (We enjoy them too!!!) Thank You"

~Mary and Patrick, NY

"Aurora and Crew, Even with a background in science, I find it difficult to teach my kids science. With the help I have been getting from your website and e-newsletters, I am finding the courage and resources to actually teach my kids what they need to know about science. Thank you for time and effort."

~Melanie, Pilger, Nebraska

"My daughter, Madeline, had so much fun with you at the CHEA convention. She can hardly wait for the new school year to start so she can dive into her new science curriculum. The next best thing to Aurora -live- is "Aurora in a box!" Thanks so much!"

~Renee Ortiz, Windsor, CA

"Thanks for all the work you've done for these kids and the way you make science fun. I couldn't do what you have accomplished for my kids!"

~Vicky Godley, Newhall, CA


More Feedback!

"I love it that I don't have to do a thing! I set my kids in front of the program, and later find them excited and working on something new they created themselves. This program is exactly what we needed!" ~Ursula, Santa Barbara, California

"You have been such a fun inspiration for our son Sam, and totally got him fired up to build, connect, explode, invent, test, create, discover, question... and in a nutshell, get wildly excited about how our physical world behaves through experimentation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank joy! You're a blessing and huge contributor to the positive development of our kids' minds and passions. Thanks for all you do and all you are!" ~Jan, San Luis Obispo, California

"I wish I had known about you years ago! I got the Science Mastery program, and my husband (who is an engineer and works on fighter planes), has been working with my kids since.

"He usually doesn't help homeschool my kids, but after watching the DVD, he went to the internet to look something up, then returned to us as said, 'Nope - I tried, but I like the way Aurora explains it best.'

"My kids haven't turned on the TV once this whole weekend - we're just doing experiments together and it's great!" ~Merilyn, Richmond, Virginia

"I am homeschooling my 5y. old daughter and want to send you a big THANK YOU for all you do. Science was a subject I was a bit afraid to have to venture into. But with all your help it has been NO problem. Thanks again!" ~Dee

"Thank you for truly inspiring my kids. They're so excited to learn more. We downloaded the book and are pouring over its contents. Yeah!!!!" ~Donna, Long Beach, California

"Thank you so much for the science lessons! I had such a great time and it is very fun to learn from someone so knowledgeable." ~Sean, age 12

"You are doing an awesome thing. From talking with many homeschooling moms over the years, science is where we tend to lack in experience, and know how. Even though we find the experiments so much fun to do, we are intimidated by them. Thank you for all that you do." ~Allison A., Homeschool Co-op

"The kids are enjoying the electricity projects, and my 12 year old has concluded that you know what you are talking about!" ~ Tracey S., Orlando, Florida

"As a Chemical Engineer I started reading this manual and boy what a joy. You have simplified so much so well. The explanations are great too as they are put in very simple terms. I can't wait to share these with my students. Keep me in mind if you put another of these manuals together." ~Mary, California

"I purchased your Electricity & Robots Kit and my daughter loves it! Thank you!" ~Paula

"My son KJ is having SO much fun!! As soon as we got home he watched the Robots & Electricity Kit video, and has been watching it since. He loves all of the gadgets! Thank you for letting him work with you. He will never forget it." ~Sally, Long Beach, California, CHEA participant

"My son is LOVING the Electricity & Robotics Kit we bought from you, and we've already hit Radio Shack a couple of times to add some new things to try. Thank you!!!" ~Candi

"I have an 8 year old daughter. The one area we are weak in is science experiments. I am glad to see you are providing an outlet for homeschoolers interested in science. Keep up the good work." ~Keith

"Wow Aurora, Your stuff is AWESOME! I am so impressed by your vast education, skills and wonderful creativity. YOU ROCK!!!" ~Judes, Santa Margarita, California

"Thank you for making science so fun and exciting! We have started watching the DVD about electricity and making robots and are working along. It's really great! My daughter has been into the life sciences -- gardening and animals and bugs. Now her interest is widening. As a home school mom I always appreciate someone, like you, who can broaden her horizons."

"I am going to love doing these experiments myself. I like the little creatures you made with cell phone parts. I love taking things apart and I look forward to knowing more about how to re-arrange the parts." ~Claudia

"Here it is summer vacation and my daughter WANTS to do one science experiment after another after seeing YOUR stuff!" ~Paul

"I told my son he had to do his science lesson for just fifteen minutes each day, which was such a chore for him. One day I gave him this program. Three hours later, he made us late for an appointment because he couldn't tear himself away! He watched the videos over and over and built things I've never seen before. Thank you so much!!!" ~Barbara & Matt
Valencia, California

"Aurora spoke at a Cub Scout Pack 6 meeting a few months ago and totally "wowed" the boys who attended the meeting. It was amazing to hear them talk about her and their sudden interest in science. My husband, David Church, was equally impressed with her skills and presentations. First thing they said when they got home that night was, "Sign me up for all her camps, I love that teacher! My son and his buddies raved about you for days." ~Connie Hanretty Church, San Luis Obispo, California

"Thanks for coming to our school and doing a bang-up job on your rocketry presentation!  The students really loved it, had a ton of fun, and learned a lot." ~Jodi, Valley Oaks Charter School, Bakersfield, California 

"We just wanted to say THANK YOU for supercharging us at Valley Oaks Charter School. You were awesome and did an outstanding job with the experiments, presentations and putting it in kid friendly terms so they could understand. My kids now want to be rocket scientists!" ~Cynnde Lewis, Bakersfield, California

"We really enjoy your demonstrations. They are wonderful and we really loved the hovercraft you did today. Thank you for all that you are doing." ~Angela and her two youngest sons, Joseph and Kyle

"Jeremy is having SO much fun with everything - thank you all for the work & thought that has gone into the box & program!" ~Tracey Miller

"Thank you so much for coming out to do our science day. It was awesome! I have had parents contacting me all week to thank me for putting both presentations together. Actually you did all the work - thanks for making me look good!

You brought so much energy into our science program. Your presentation is inspiring, not to mention fun! You truly did inspire the young minds to think creatively about science.

Personally, my son Ryan has been doing some pretty creative thinking about his science project for our upcoming science fair. I am sure we will see many 'Aurora-inspired' entries this year!

Thank you again. My appreciation and just plain "awe" for how and what you do just can not be put into words. Thanks again and again!" ~Lorraine Solomon, Homeschool Coordinator

"My 13-year old son has not been interested in anything educational for a long time. This was the first time I saw a real spark of interest in his eyes. Thank you so much for your help in inspiring my son!" ~Ruth Ann, Bakersfield, California

"Alex had a great time this summer in camp. Thanks for the great experience!" ~Carol

"Thank you so much, I can't wait to begin using the Science Experiment Manual with my kids. They immediately did the rocket and began the robot.

"My youngest (10 years old) played with the robot all night and was explaining it to guests at dinner. Thanks for making science fun!" ~Mrs. Lopez




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