Art integration is always good for your homeschool students and makes spending time on studies that much more enjoyable. If you are not much of an artist yourself, you don’t have to come up with many complicated and intricate art projects for your home schoolers. Here are some quick ideas for art activities that you may enjoy as much as your children.

The Book Mark Project

Each homeschool student needs book marks for their textbooks, workbooks, notebooks and story books. This means that you have a simple art project which can be repeated with many different twists of creativity. Have some car paper cut up into appropriate sizes and ready to use in an envelop. Since you need every little prep time for this activity, you can pull this art work out whenever you feel that energies are sagging and everyone in the homeschool classroom could do with a break.

Vegetable and Fruit Painting

While buying stamps and ink pads can be expensive, it’s quite easy to cut up a few vegetables and dip them in poster paints. Use these temporary stamps on paper and have your homeschool students make creative designs. It’s a great way to decorate borders of pages of project works, making cards for other family members or friends and even simply creating a nice big masterpiece of a painting which can be prominently displayed on the walls of the homeschool classroom.

Tissue Paper Art

This is a simple art technique which can be quite versatile. You need to supply your homeschool kids with a thick card paper, some tissue papers, water or poster colors and a paint brush. Have them come up with simple designs which do not need a lot of definition. Then have them place the tissue paper on the card paper based on where they want the paint design to be lighter. Now have them wet the tissue paper slightly so that the color bleeds through. Now add the paints in whatever design is selected. Wait for a while for the paint to dry before removing the tissue paper and revealing the final design.