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The Science of Physics

Relax while your kids have fun learning science and I do all the teaching for you!

Discover the amazing world of physics by exploring properties of light, waves, forces, electricity, magnetism and more! We’ll study energy by building catapults, wire up unipolar motors and rail accelerators, be able to "see" invisible particles by building a cosmic ray detectors, discover forces by building, split laser beams into a rainbow of colors, and build the experiment that won Einstein his first Nobel Prize! This class is for kids interested in doing real hands-on science, ages 7 - 14 years.

Your kids will do a number of ultra-cool experiments including:

  • Construct two different catapults that launch balls over the roof
  • Build roller coasters and race bobsleds
  • Build a mysterious toy that reverses its own direction
  • ...and more!

(Note: We've moved the electrical projects to the next class, as we didn't have enough time for everything this time!)

Plus, your kids will learn about matter and the many different forms of energy as they discover the fascinating world of physics. And I promise they will have a blast while doing it!

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