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Biology and Life Science

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Biology and Life Science

Discover how plants detect sunsets and gravity, extract DNA in your kitchen, learn how bacteria generate energy, and measure the size of a molecule using dish soap! We’re going to cover zoology, biochemistry, botany, astrobiology, and more! You'll learn how to be a real field biologist as you uncover the big concepts in biology and how they tie into both physics and chemistry.

You’ll learn about the strongest, fastest, and strangest creatures on the planet, how trees control insects, how living things can thrive in forever darkness, how scientists are using chemistry to grow color-changing flowers, and lots more. During class, you’ll learn about compound microscopes and do real hands-on experiments in both physics and chemistry to explain what's going on in the field of biology.

This class is on:

Thursday Apr. 8, 2021

10 AM Pacific | 12 noon Central | 1 PM Eastern

NOTE: This class does not cover evolution or creation. We will focus on how to do observations and hands-on science experiments, understanding the science behind them.

As a bonus, I will also email you additional science experiments periodically, as well as some other items related to teaching homeschool science. I respect your email privacy. I will never spam you or give away your email address to anyone else.

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