FREE Online Science Class: Marine Biology,
Oceanography and Underwater Robots

Relax while your kids have fun learning science and I do all the teaching for you!

Marine Biology, Oceanography,
and Underwater Robots

Join me as we dive into the ocean to explore undersea life. We'll explore to the deepest part of the ocean and learn about giant whales, rainbow fish, color-changing octopuses and even build a microscope during the class!

This new online class is not only going to teach your kids about underwater life and the physical ocean elements, but also provide your kids with a hands-on experience of what it’s really like to be a marine biologist.

In this class kids will learn about:

β€’ Fish that light up like rainbow-colored fireflies

β€’ A giant squid as big as a 2-story house

β€’ Animals that thrive in the heat of undersea volcanoes over 700 degrees F

β€’ How to build a microscope out of a 99-cent laser pointer

β€’ And LOTS more...

This class is ideal for kids ages 7-14 (older if they have not studied Marine Biology before).

The class will be given several times, so choose which one works best for you.

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