The Secret to Giving Your Kids a Really
Great Homeschool Science Education

...even if you don't know much science yourself, or
don't have the time to teach it.

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Hi, I'm Aurora, creator of the online e-science curriculum. This is a complete online homeschool science curriculum. It is self-guided so your kids can do it on their own, or you can do it with them. I use a combination of videos, live tele-classes, reading and exercises to teach kids real science. Plus, I promise it will be totally fun and exciting.

This isn't your typical boring textbook science... this is the kind that real scientists and engineers work with (After all, I used to work at NASA and teach at a university).

This is a complete online science learning curriculum for homeschoolers. It is designed to be totally kid-friendly so that you can just point your kids to their next science lesson, and I'll do the rest (of course, if you prefer to go through it with them, that's great too).

If science isn't your forte (or don't have time to teach it the way you would like to), that's okay. There are plenty of things that I'm a bit "challenged" with. (Just ask my husband about the year I tried to manage our family finances!)

This curriculum is designed so you don't need to know science yourself in order for your kids to get a great science education. You can just set them up with it and go do other stuff!

I promise, I will take good care of your kids. These are some of the main parts of the program:

•  Videos of teaching real science to your kids, just like I do in an actual classroom

•  Access to hundreds of Science activities, experiments and projects , with dozens of new ones coming each month until you have access to all 800+ of them!

•  Text-book type reading to support the material in the videos

•  Hands-on activities and experiments, with videos that guide your kids through them. These activities and experiments are what really ignite a passion for science in most kids.

•  Homework exercises/quizzes so you can see what your kids are really learning.

•  A live tele-class every few weeks where you can connect with me personally

•  Parent resources for helping you give your kids the best science education they can get

•  A place to ask me questions (lots of them!)

•  Recordings of everything so your kids can do the program on whatever schedule AND at whatever pace suits them.

e-Science includes hundreds of hands-on Science experiments and activities (taught step-by-step through detailed videos). You'll instantly have access to over 100 experiments and activities. Then, every month you'll get access to another set of lessons with another 60 to 80 new experiments. There are over 800 activities and experiments total in e-Science.

The regular price for the curriculum is $37 per month for the K-8 section, and $57 per month for the expanded 9-12th grade material (good for advanced 5-8 graders too). But, I really want everyone to experience all this program has to offer.

Instead of me trying to explain to you how amazing this will be for your kids, it's probably easier for you to just try it out yourself and see what you think. So, I'm going to give you full access to the curriculum risk-free for 30 days. I know I like to try things out before I commit to them, so I'm offering you the same thing.

You can access all the lessons and materials for 30 days. If you like it, you can stay enrolled for only $37 per month (you can cancel any time). If it's not right for you, no problem.. simply drop me a note and ask for a refund. No hoops, no hassles, no questions asked.

My goal is for your kids to get an exceptional science education. If this curriculum works well for you, then I'm glad to have the chance to share with your family.

But, this program is not for everyone. If you feel that science can be adequately learned entirely from a textbook, and there is no need for hands-on activities or experiments, then this is probably not right for you. Just click the red "Cancel" button at the bottom of the "Member's Page" and you'll be done with the curriculum. And I appreciate your giving it a try.

You are giving an amazing gift to your child by giving them not only the chance to learn, but more importantly, to become inspired and passionate about science.

Most of my own science education as a kid was pretty typical – kind of dry and boring (I had a traditional education in San Jose, California). But one day, I met an amazing teacher named Mike Asbill. In just a few months, he turned my curiosity for science into a passion. This teacher transformed my life, and guided me to the passion I now share with your kids. Have you ever had a teacher like that?

So, to summarize everything... this curriculum will:

•  Provide a totally complete homeschool science education for your kids.

•  Allow your kids to learn science in a self-guided format so they can get a great science education even if you don't know science yourself or don't have the time to teach it

•  Give your kids a well-rounded science education using a combination of video, reading, live video tele-classes, exercises and quizzes.

•  Provide a place for you to ask questions

By the way, if you're still not sure about trying the e-Science curriculum and want some more info even before you try it (including sample videos), you can visit our detailed e-Science information page.

My goal is to bring out this kind of fascination and excitement for learning in your kids.

I'm grateful for the chance you've given me to teach your children. I look forward to sharing an amazing year with you and them.

You can access all the lessons and materials for 30 days. If you like it, you can stay enrolled for only $37 per month (you can cancel any time). If it's not right for you, no problem - simply request a refund.

So, if you're ready to try it out, just click the big yellow button below.

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YES! Aurora, I want in! Please enroll my kids in the online e-Science curriculum. I understand that during this test drive, I will get:

Enrollment in the full online e-Science curriculum for $37 for the first month. I understand that I will automatically be charged just $37 per month as long as I am enrolled (or $57 per month if I choose the advanced grade 5-8 & High School level curriculum), unless I cancel during the first month. Of course I'm free to cancel at any time.

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My very best wishes to you and your child's educational success.


Aurora Lipper

Check out some feedback from other parents:

"Aurora and Supercharged Science... I just have to tell you: Forget the kids! I'm excited by science now--teaching and learning. I'm over the top pleased by this program!"

"Aurora, I can not thank you enough for this program. My son has auditory and visual processing difficulties and is in 7th grade. he is almost to grade level reading but it is very challenging to learn by textbook (not to mention how really boring learning from textbooks can be) we were going to use another program for this yr but after being in your summer camp and now seeing how this program is set up I can have him read the main point download-get into the experiments and read the text with him if he is further interested!!! thank you too for the exercise that we can do as a discussion!!! I can not thank you enough.

"Your text reads more like a living book as the author is so excited about the subject-are you the author? This all is very easy to access! You solved my dilemma for science this year but finances might not allow a whole year. It is a great value to me and all my sons. My eight yr old is still making baking soda rockets on our deck!!" ~Teresa Knorr

"My kids loved the live teleclass today! 🙂 I love the way you organize learning science it makes my life so much easier as a non-science oriented homeschool mom. Thank you so much for all your work. My son is very excited to try the potato cannon experiment. Thanks so much for your quick responses and for fixing the video issues we had. We love your stuff!!!!" ~J. Sanchez

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P. S. The online e-Science curriculum is guaranteed to give your kids an exceptional science education while taking a lot of stress out of your life over teaching science. Best of all, it's totally risk free. Don't your kids deserve this chance? Give it a try by clicking here.

P. P. S. I just want to assure you that we a real company with thousands of happy customers. If you have any questions, you can email me personally at [email protected] . Also feel free to look at our website .

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