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I'm Ashley, Affiliate Manager here at Supercharged Science. I will be the one guiding you though how to make money as a Supercharged Science affiliate, while genuinely helping parents and kids at the same time. By the way, for the time being, if you're an active affiliate, I'll give you free access to our premium-level e-science curriculum (Usually $57 per month). Specifically, for every 3 people you get enrolled, you get 1 free month of e-science. So, not only do you make money, but you get a free science curriculum.

If you have questions, please email me at [email protected].

If this is your first time here as a new affiliate, please watch the getting started video #1 by clicking here.

The info on this page will teach you about how we recommend promoting e-Science for earning maximum commissions. It will also show you, click-by-click, the "technichal" side of using your affiliate links (really easy, but useful if you haven't used this type of affiliate system before).


Getting Started 

To get started, please watch videos #1 and #2 below.

Video #1

Introduction to being a Supercharged Science e-Science affiliate and how we go about "earning" customers by giving away free stuff. Also, how to make money as an affiliate and a summary of methods of promoting resources as an affiliate. If you're a new affiliate, watch the whole video. if you're an experienced affiliate, watch the first 15 mintues of it at the very least.

Video #2

Affiliate resources and how to use them. Logging into your affiliate account, getting links and promoting e-Science.
Click-by-click demo.

Click the "Fullscreen" icon to see this better.

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