How to get logged in quickly

I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in.  I'm afraid it's entirely our fault.  See, this week, we've just "upgraded" to a new system to make it easier for people to access all the science lessons they're signed up for.

Unfortunately, the upgrade is not going as smoothly as I had hoped 🙁

But don't worry, I'm going to take good care of you and give you full access to all your lessons right now.

Here's the deal.  Below is a username and password for a temporary account that will give you full access to all of e-Science and all volumes of my Ultimate Science Curriculum program. Regardless of what you signed up for, it will let you access everything until we get the bugs worked out.

BUT, before you login with it, I need to know what the problem your having is so we can fix it.

So, please complete both steps below, and you'll be doing science in a few minutes.

Again, this is totally my fault - I'm really sorry.  I definitely didn't mean to make anyone stressed or mad.

I promise we'll get it worked out soon.  In the meantime, just follow the two steps below.

  1. Fill out the "Contact Us" box to the right and click "Submit".  Please include your username, the website address you are going to for logging in and specifically what problems you're having (i.e. "It says my login is incorrect", etc.)

  2. Go to the link below and login using the temporary username and password (these will work until we get the problems fixed)


Username: saturn

Password: pluto


Thanks so much for being understanding.


-- Aurora