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In addition to everything I described in the video that's included with e-Camp (Over 150 experiments, projects, full support, etc.), you're also going to get 7 extra bonuses for FREE!

So, Imagine that this summer your kids are going off to a science camp that they absolutely love, that they learn quality academics from, AND that you can decide what day and time you want them to go.

That's what e-camp is.

e-Camp is a hands-on summer science program where I teach real science to your kids, while they have a total blast learning. Plus, it's self-guiding, so they can do it on their own.

Have you ever seen your kids get really excited about learning something new that also had solid academic value? Maybe like some of the activities I gave you last week. And you wondered if there's a way you can continue this combination of fun and learning.

This can be a challenge for a lot of parents. Especially during the summer.

I mean, you want your kids to have fun during the summer, but at the same time it sure would be nice if they were doing something that was also educational.

I know, because I want the same for my kids.

The good news is, I think I have something that will really help you out this summer.

I've created a hands-on online summer science camp. I call it e-camp.

Now, remember, while this is an online science program, it is primarily based on hands-on science. And, what that means is that your kids will be spending most of their time creating the experiments and building the projects, not staring at a computer.

Most activities and experiments are designed to use commonly available materials and a lot of them you probably already have around your house, or if not, you can put them on your next grocery store list, they are easy to get. I mean, after all, learning about the real world around us - that means, using common everyday parts and pieces.

Here is what you get when you enroll in e-camp.
You get access to over a 150 activities, experiments and projects.

Your kids will do activities in:

  • Rocketry
  • Robotics
  • Chemistry
  • Solar Energy
  • Electricity & Electronics
  • Lasers & optics
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Magnetism
  • and lots more


Your kids will get to experience a totally fun and exciting summer camp where they will be learning as they're having a total blast.

They'll engage in activities and projects and experiments that help them learn about the world around them in a practical and meaningful way.

They'll have tons of activities that they can do on their own throughout the summer.

And you'll feel great about keeping their learning going all summer long.

But don't take my word for it lets see what other parents have to say about my online science program.

It turns out that Cathy Duffy rated us as one of her top 101 picks for 2013 out of all the educational programs available.

And I was really touched when I learned that in Practical Homeschooling Magazine's annual reader poll, Supercharged Science was voted by homeschoolers as the BEST science program available in not one, but all five science categories.

On top of this, dozens of other random web sites have given our programs really amazing reviews.


In addition to e-Camp, I'm going to give you 7 extra bonuses for being a loyal reader of mine.

Here they are:

Bonus #1 (Worth $40): Special Science Experiments DVD

During the summer, I'm going to mail you a special science projects DVD that includes a whole host of extra projects and activities. It's my gift to you for taking the initiative and allowing me to share a wonderful experience with your kids this summer.

By the way, we only have about 200 of these DVD's on the shelf, so I'll send them out on a first-come-first- served basis. But when they're gone, that's it. (Note: We're only able to ship this Bonus to USA addresses, unless you provide additional postage.)


Bonus #2: (Worth $75) Pre-Release edition of my newest
Ultimate Science Curriculum DVD program

You may know that I recently introduced a new science curriculum on DVD-ROM called the Ultimate Science Curriculum. Each DVD focuses on one topic, like Astronomy or Electricity, and includes over 10 hours of video.

Plus, you'll also get complete lesson plans and worksheets. So this summer (probably mid-July), I'm releasing a completely new DVD program on the physics of light and lasers. Now this is totally new (I mean it's not quite finished), so no one has seen it yet. I'd like to send you a free copy of it as soon as it comes out as an added bonus for joining me in e-Camp. This extensive DVD program will sell for about $75 once it's released.


Bonus #3: Total Happiness Guarantee

Total Happiness Guarantee. I want you and your kids to be totally and completely happy with e-Camp. If you don't like it, or it's just not right for you, no problem. I'll give you a full refund. Just drop me an email by July 1 st and I'll give you your money back. No hassles, no fine print.


Bonus #4 (Worth $111): Full Access to my e-Science Online Science K-8 Curriculum

I'm going to give you full access to my complete e-Science online science curriculum for the whole summer!

I'd like you and your kids to have the chance to try my ultra-popular e-Science hands-on science curriculum and use it however you like. It's a complete K-8 science learning program that gives your kids everything they need to learn science.

It's a lot like e-Camp in terms of having detailed explanations that relate to the real world, step-by-step experiments, activities and projects, full support for parents and kids and that kids have a great time learning. But, it's WAY bigger. It has enough material to provide a comprehensive science education program for most kids for nearly two years! It also has textbook readings, exercises and quizzes.

e-Science goes way beyond virtually any other popular homeschool science curriculum.

e-Science includes:

  • Detailed video-based instruction
  • Step-by-step videos showing how to do each experiment, activity and project
  • Comprehensive teacher/parent guides
  • Textbook readings
  • Exercises & Quizzes
  • A place to ask questions & get answers
  • And much, much more

E-Science gives you the best homeschool education available, bar none. When you enroll in e-Camp, you'll get the chance to try e-Science free for three months!

Try calling another science curriculum publisher if you can try their program for free. Chances are you'll hear a long silence. Then they'll explain that you can return the materials within 7 days as long as they are not opened. I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to decide if I like something or not without being able to open it.

On the other hand, with e-science, you can try it for free.


Bonus #5, #6 and #7:

These super-bonuses are described in detail the video at the top of the page, so watch it now if you haven't already!


Total value of all Free Bonuses: $281



Plus, if you choose the optional Advanced e-camp (great for teens) you get these extras:

  • Everything described above, plus...
  • Dozens of advanced projects for high school and advanced middle school kids
  • Additional bonus edition of the Ultimate Science Curriculum
  • Full Access to the Standard e-Camp program
  • Grades K-8 and advanced 9-12 access to the e-Science program

This Is An Incredible Value

Honestly, the kind of fun and education you'll get in e-Camp (especially together with your free e-Science membership) is worth many times what e-Camp costs. If you've been using my material in the past, you know that I always give folks more than they pay for.

I promise I'll do you right!

Here's What To Do Next

Click the big yellow "Register Now " button below, and give your kids a summer that will really be special to them - One that they'll talk about for years.

I look forward to seeing you in the lab :-)



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