The Secret to Giving Your Kids a Really Great Homeschool Science Education

...even if you don't know much science yourself, or
don't have the time to teach it.

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From The Desk Of Aurora Lipper
Friday, 4:49 P.M.

Dear Fellow Homeschool Parent,

Hi there. I'm Aurora Lipper. I've taught science for over a decade, ranging from the university level all the way down to Pre-K. I've worked for NASA, and also in 8th grade classrooms. As I've taught more kids, and experienced real-world science jobs, I've come to discover that there is a much better way to teach science than most schools and universities do.

It's a teaching approach that forms the foundation of virtually every great scientist and engineer. In this letter, I will share this relatively simple, but often overlooked, secret.

If you're reading this, my guess is that you are either looking for a homeschool science program or you're wondering if you can improve on how your kids are currently learning science.

In a moment, I'm going to tell you about one of the very best - and easiest - ways to teach homeschool science

But before I go into that, it's probably a good idea to ask a much more fundamental question:

Why does my kid need to learn science anyway?

Science and Technology is the most rapidly growing area of our society. More of tomorrows' careers will depend on scientific skills than ever before in history.

So today, more than ever, science education is a critical part of every child's homeschool experience. Science education is critical for kids. But unfortunately, it's not always easy to teach.

•  Do you ever struggle to find the time to teach science?

•  Do you worry that you're short-changing your kids because you don't know science well yourself?

•  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with teaching science?

If you can relate to any of these, it's okay. You're not alone.

So often a parent will confide in me that they really want their kids to get a great science education, but they feel guilty because they don't really have the time that it takes to do a great job teaching it.

And then they continue to explain that they don't really know science that well themselves, so it's even harder and takes even longer.

Maybe some of this feels familiar.
But please don't feel like you need to sell yourself (and your kids) short.

Over the years that I've been teaching science to homeschool kids, I've had the amazing opportunity to connect with literally thousands of kids AND most of their parents.


The combination of the feedback I've gotten, together with my own experiences as a teacher led me to develop a totally new kind of program for teaching homeschool science.

It's a program that not only teaches science - most textbooks do that - but also gets kids totally excited to learn science.

I've created a comprehensive science program that not only includes the best academic material that you'll find in any good homeschool curriculum, but also lots more.

I call it "e-Science".

The online e-Science program gives your kids an absolutely complete science education. Here are some of the key parts of the program (there's actually more than this, but these should give you a good idea to start with):

•  Classroom-style lessons and demonstrations on video so your kids will really be able to see clearly what I'm teaching. No more reading confusing paragraphs and trying to imagine what they are talking about. And no silly cartoon animations.

•  Step-by-step videos where I guide kids through totally fun - and educational - experiments so they can really experience what's going on.

•  A self-guided format so you can set them up with the program and let them go on their own. Or, you can accompany them and learn together (The look of discovery on a kids face when they try a new experiment for the first time and watch what happens is just incredible. Do you know what I mean)?


•  Experiments that are designed to use inexpensive commonly available materials so shopping for them is easy. Plus, I always try to use inexpensive stuff so you don't need to buy all sorts of expensive supplies and equipment. In fact much of what you already have, or it's free.

•  In depth textbook readings for older kids, so you don't even need to buy a text book

•  Exercises and quizzes so you can keep tabs on what your kids are learning

•  Live interactive video tele-classes every 2-4 weeks where I'll introduce each new unit and answer questions.

•  All videos are saved online so your kids can do lessons at their own pace. Different kids are at different levels, so you can go through the lessons at any pace that is right for your kids.

And, the program is super-easy to use. It literally guides you step-by-step through the material. Then when it comes to activities, it gives kids plenty of chances to be creative and experiment with their own ideas.

Give your kids the chance to go through this program, and within 2 weeks, they will be teaching you science!

Since the program is totally online, you can start immediately. New content is added regularly, so your kids will not only learn the ordinary stuff, but also get introduced to ways science is used in the world today.

I mean how cool would it be to listen to an interview with a real NASA engineer who worked on the International Space Station?

Or to learn how underwater robots like the one that discovered the Titanic really work - then to build a working model!

The online e-Science program includes things like this, and a whole lot more.

I used to teach Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly University (Short for California Polytechnic University). I noticed that a lot of students - even on a college level - would get bored with the material because they just didn't see how it applied to practical situations. Sure, they did fine on exams, but that was just because they got good at playing the "academic game."

I wanted something better for my classes.
I knew that if they understood how to use the stuff for real,
AND if it was fun, then they would want to learn it.

So I had this crazy idea.

Let's start them with real-world problems. Stuff like "How can a mechanic's jack let him easily lift a 4000 lb. car with one hand?" And we moved up from there. I think one of the high points of my classes there was when I took my whole class to one of those mega amusement parks (Six Flags Magic Mountain) and they had to analyze the designs and physical forces of the rides using homemade scientific instruments.  

I mean what better (and more fun) way is there to learn about stuff like acceleration and G-force than by careening around a roller coaster at 70 MPH?

Sure, the students had a great time. But they learned more about physics and engineering in that one day than they probably learned during a whole semester of regular classes.


During that term, I did a bunch of kind of unconventional real-world learning activities (Much to the dismay of some of the more stuffy faculty members). The feedback I got from students really blew me away. Of course most of them thought it was fun. But that's not what surprised me.

It was students who had taken that class a year or two earlier who saw me on campus or around town and told me how they didn't really understand engineering until they took that class. Sure, they could do the textbook problems, but it was the practical hands-on experience that really made it all click.

After all, not many careers involve solving problems in textbooks.

What I discovered through teaching classes like this was a relatively simple - but incredibly powerful - method for teaching science to kids in a way that really sticks.

And I mean it sticks for years.

It's not just about teaching science. It's about creating a true fascination for learning and discover through science. So after having such great success with university students, I adapted my strategies for younger kids. It turns out, it worked even better with K-12 kids than with college students!

And after years of refinement and improvement, my K-12 programs have improved even more. With this program your kids learn science in a way that's just plain more fun and easier than the traditional way.


If you have been stressed about being able to
give your child a good education in science,
You Can Relax Now.


I'm super-excited about the online e-Science program. But what really counts is the results that parents are seeing in their kids.

I recently got an email from a mom who is doing the online science program with her kids. It really touched me on a deep level. So, I'm going to share part of it here:

Dear Aurora,

I'm excited by science now--teaching and learning.  I'm over the top pleased by this program!  

I'm a single mom, trying to homeschool two kids, one with special needs (Aspergers) WHILE running a childcare during the day. 

Researching and setting up science experiments for my own daughters while chasing after toddlers (let alone actually being there to teach/supervise the experiments without being called away to something smelly or broken) was nearly impossible and quite frustrating to us all.  I'd gotten to the point of giving up and so  had my daughter.

We've only gotten through one of the units but in that time you have rescued my sanity and my daughter's waning interest in what was her favorite subject (pre-childcare). 

I was almost in tears when we saw the videos and started the experiments because I realized that she has something to follow if I get called away.  You make it so clear and you cover the "oops!" factor for suggestions when something goes astray of expected results.  And one great big thanks for the written shopping lists with links to find the things that are out of the norm.

Thank you again for filling a need in my daughter's life,

-- Heather Long


But this wasn't the only one I got. Maybe you can appreciate how some of these parents are feeling:

Hi Aurora,

I signed up for the e-science program, and my 9 year old son LOVES it!! He designed a boat out of an egg carton and two motors with little hand-held fan blade. He went out to the pool to try it out and came in screaming, "It works!!! It works!!! Come look Mom!!" All of his projects worked to his surprise. He has been inspired to branch out and really think!!

Thank you for this wonderful program!!! The glow in Zack's eyes is priceless!! THANK YOU for this awesome program!!"

-- Tina Smith


This one was pretty cool...


In the evenings, I've been getting a binder prepped for your fall class. I've been looking through the first unit, and as I read these projects when they come out of the printer I keep saying "Wow! This is so cool!". I had to write to say THANK YOU! You are amazing! My daughter is so fortunate to have a woman like you teach her science. You are the role model I was hoping to find to show her that girls can do anything-and you do it with flair! THANK YOU!!"


-- M.C. from Georgia



If you've been stressed about teaching science, take a deep breath.
You Don't Have To Worry Anymore.


So how does it all work?

I've taught live hands-on science workshops for years. Just last month for example, I was in Alaska sharing an amazing series of these workshops with nearly 300 kids. Before that it was Virginia, Colorado and Florida (I'm blessed with my wonderful husband who is home with our kids when I'm traveling). These workshops are great, but they only reach a few hundred kids at a time.

So, what I've done is captured the
very best of what I teach and put it into a totally complete online program.

This is how the e-Science program was born.

The e-Science program is not just a supplement to a science curriculum, but a thoroughly complete science program including live video demonstrations, textbook reading material, exercises, quizzes, and of course, lots of step-by-step experiments, activities and projects on video.


Just as many universities now offer distance learning programs where students can view a classroom presentation from across the world, as well as accessing all their course materials online, I'm doing the same for homeschool science.

These are complete weekly science lessons that kids can work through on their own. You can just set them up with the computer and I'll take them through the lesson. Or you can sit beside them and work with them through the material - whatever approach works best for you is fine.

You don't even need to understand the material yourself , but can still feel confident that they're getting good quality education.

Universities like Harvard and Stanford (where I went to graduate school) have used this same technology to create two of the leading distance learning programs in the world, serving tens of thousands of people. Now the same technology is available for you to help your kids learn.

To really give you an idea of what the program is like, there's nothing like taking a quick peek at some of the videos from it.

Here are just a few random samples from the program

Let's start with a typical lesson. The class-style presentations usually take place in my lab, such as this one below:


But sometimes I'll include a few from a live workshops, such as this next video. This one was from a workshop I did earlier this year I apologize for the slightly fuzzy sound, but I think the presence of the live class makes it well worth it - check out the video below:



This next one (below) is a typical experiment from the program:



These are just some random samples. They are pretty typical of what the program includes. Of course there's way more than just videos in it. Let me tell you all of what it includes.


Here are the main components of the online e-science learning program:

Teaching presentations and demonstrations on video for each topic

Step-by-step videos for doing activities and experiments

.  Age-level appropriate textbook readings

Workbook Exercises, activities & Quizzes

.  Flexibility to complete each lesson as your child is ready.

.  Lessons are structured in a suggested sequence. You can choose to follow them in order, or feel free to jump around as it best serves your child.

New content added regularly. A new unit is added every 2-4 weeks.

Full access to all past content (Including everything from the summer e-camp program)

.  Topics also include science history, inventors and real scientists today

Detailed materials lists for each unit. Most materials are things that people have around the house, or can pick up at the grocery store or drug store. Plus, I've made a point of keeping the cost of materials low. In fact, many of the experiments use parts and pieces that are free. (Some parents will choose mainly to do these experiments, and that's fine).

.  More advanced material is available for high-schoolers, and advanced 5-8th graders. This includes all the topics you would have in a high-end traditional 9-12th grade science class. It is also great for middle school kids who really excel in science.


Just some of the topics covered will include:


.  Physics of motion
.  Light and lasers
.  Sound and vibrations
.  Chemistry
.  Electricity
.  Electronics
.  Aeronautics
.  and lots more...

Each time a new unit is put online, I'll have a live video tele-class to introduce it. I'll be on the line to talk with everyone - you'll get an overview of the unit and a chance to ask me questions.

There is also a place to ask questions and communicate with other homeschoolers online, and of course a photo gallery where you can submit pictures of what your kids have done and share them with others.

Click Here to Enroll Now!

I know that you really want to be sure this is right for your family (I know I feel that way about my own kids).


So here are some of the common questions parents ask me about the program:

"What if I don't know how to teach science myself?"

That's just fine! You don't need to know a thing about science for your kids to get a great science education with the e-Science program.

It is a self-guided program. This means you can set your kids up with it and let them do it by themselves. Or, you can work through the material together with them. And some families do a combination that fits their schedule and their kids' needs.

Don't worry, you can relax. You don't even need to understand the material yourself for your kids to get a great science education (unless you want to).

"I've seen lots of those cheesy cartoon animations in online programs. What exactly do you mean by 'videos?' "

Boy I know what you mean about those silly animations - I'd be bored stiff watching those myself. My videos are the real deal. They are of me on camera teaching real hands-on science (usually in my lab, but sometimes "on location' to show real-world science). I demonstrate actual experiments, then show your kids how to do them at home.

This the best combination of in-the-lab and real-world science education out there. An I promise, no silly cartoons or boring screenfuls of text!

By the way, I've been featured in dozens of video productions, including videos sold by The Discovery Channel.


"When do the classes meet? What if my kids can't make it?"

Everyone has different schedules. The e-Science program is designed to be done at your kids' convenience. All lessons are pre-recorded and can be done when you choose. You can even split a lesson into pieces, or just do the parts of them that you want to.


"What is your perspective on creation and religion? How does your program deal with this?"

This program is designed to serve all families, regardless of individual beliefs. Each lesson has been carefully structured so that it is "creation neutral."

This means that if you choose to incorporate a religious perspective into your child's education, this program will easily allow you to do so, and will not conflict with traditional religious perspectives.

However, if you prefer to keep science separate from religion, this program will be perfect for your family as well. There are no references to any religious concepts or belief systems in any of the lessons.

Religion is a very personal choice, and I totally respect that. As such, this program leaves it to you as a parent to decide if you want to incorporate religion or not.


"How much will the materials cost each month and where do I get them?"

I've designed each experiment to use low-cost alternatives to traditional scientific materials. The truth is, you don't need fancy stuff to learn real science. For example, instead of buying a lab scale and weight set, we'll use marbles and a ruler with some string (and actually learn more in the process).


Materials for some experiments cost more than others. If you like, you can choose to only do the low-cost or no-cost experiments and still know your kids are getting a great science education.

Most materials are things you have around the house, or that you can get from a grocery or drug store. For any more advanced experiments that require special parts, I'll tell you exactly where to get them and even give you the part number to make it as easy as possible.


"What ages is the school year e-science program for?"

It is appropriate for kids ages 7 through 17 years. There is a separate section of advanced activities for older kids. Age appropriate material is given for each age group.


"How much does it cost?"

A lot less than you think!

So you're probably wondering how much this all costs. After all, many traditional science curriculums cost from $300 to over $800. And that's just for a collection of books and CD's (No live interaction or real teachers on video). Some online programs cost over $900 per year.

That's just too much!

I want great science education to be available to all kids. So the online e-Science program only costs $37 a month. But.if you're like me, you want to try things out before you commit to them.


So I'm going to give you the chance to enroll all your kids risk-free for 30 days.


No kidding. Completely risk-free for a whole month. And you can request a refund any time within the first 30 days. I really mean that. You can request a refund for your enrollment after 2 days or 20 days, no questions asked. And we still part as friends.

There is absolutely no risk for you.


But, this program is not for everyone.

Like anything in life, there is not "one size fits all" science program. While this program is right for many families, I want you to feel totally comfortable that this program is right for you and your kids. If it's not, then honestly, I would rather see you spend your hard-earned money on something that suits you better. Like I said, you can cancel anytime and you won't ever owe another cent.


Are your kids doing High School level science?

If you have high school level kids, or middle school kids who really excel in science, we have a special program just for them. It includes lots more information, advanced videos and more involved textbook content. It's designed to not only be totally fun and engaging, but also to give them a solid foundation for college.

This program also includes all of the content of our regular K-8 program that I just described, as well as the high school (and advanced middle school) material. Since there is so much more in this program, the price is slightly higher. This program costs just $57 per month.  

This program risk-free also.

You can try out the High School and advanced Middle School program risk-free too. Take it for a test drive. See how it works for your kids.


I need your help, so I'll throw in some Extra Bonuses for FREE


Because I've recently made lots of changes and improvements to the online e-Science program, I'm trying to get as much feedback as I can from parents. In order to get the best feedback, I want to encourage as many parents as possible to try it out.


So to help benefit as many kids as possible,
for everyone who enrolls this month, I'm going to include a bunch of extra bonuses for FREE!


In addition to the most complete homeschool science program out there, you'll also get:

Free Bonus #1 ($17 value)

A copy of the online "Science Experiment Guide"

This e-book is packed full of experiments and activities you can start with immediately. They're fun and easy things that will really capture your kids' interest.

It includes experiments on how airplanes fly, crystal farming, volcanoes, roller coasters and more.

You'll get immediate access to download it as soon as you enroll. Many parents just print it out and give it to their kids to get going.

Free Bonus #2 ($54 value)

No extra charge for each of your kids

Usually, each child is enrolled separately and costs more. Right now, you can have all the kids in your home enrolled in the program for the price of one.

Free Bonus #3 ($49 value)

Free subscription to "The Rocket Scientist" science experiment newsletter for a full school year

In this regular newsletter, you'll get everything from tips for parents on how to teach science better, to building a model hovercraft out of household stuff.

Every week or so, you'll get a new issue.


Free Bonus #4 ($120 value per year)

Discount rate locked in for as long as your kids are enrolled

Your monthly rate stays the same as long as your kids stay enrolled in the program. Even if the regular price increases for new students, your rate stays the same.


You get $319 worth of Free Bonuses for trying out the online e-Science program risk-free for 30 days.


Click Here to Enroll Now!


Are you ready to make teaching science easy for you and fun for your kids?

If you are, then now is the time to make it happen.

Remember, there is absolutely no risk for you.

Is it worth a risk-free $37 to try what might be a
life-changing educational experience for your kids?

In fact, if you don't think the program is the best thing you can do to give your kids an outstanding science education, send me an email asking for a refund within the first 30 days.


Even if you decide the program is not right for you, you can keep the bonuses as my way of saying "Thanks for trying it."

But... This opportunity won't be around for too long.

Like I said, this special trial and all the free bonuses are to help me get the feedback I need to make the program even better. Once enough kids are enrolled, this offer will no longer be available.

If you wait, you might come back to this web page and see "Sold Out" across the top.

But I don't want this to happen to you and your kids!

I always feel bad when I get an email that says something like "I really wanted to sign my son up for your program, but I can't get in anymore. Is there anything you can do?" I've been there myself, and it's a miserable feeling. PLEASE, don't let this happen to you!

I don't want you to be one of the parents who has to explain to their kid why they won't get to do all the extra cool experiments.

Also, remember that the price of the program WILL go up.

I don't have a date set yet, but I can tell you that this is the lowest price you'll ever be able to get this program for. It might be a week, or maybe a few months. Wouldn't it feel good to know that you got in at this low price AND are locked in to it even as other people are paying more?

If you're stressed about teaching homeschool science,
How would it feel to be able to let all that go?

So, here's the quick summary. You get to try out the program risk-free for 30 days. After that, it's $37 per month. You get 5 free bonuses too, including tons of extra experiments and a locked in low price.

If you're still not sure whether to try the online e-Science program, here's something to consider. Most things in life have some risk. EXCEPT THIS ONE!

There are basically two possibilities:

  1. You invest $37 in the program. Your kids love it and are learning science like never before, and you're feeling a lot less stressed because you don't have to worry about teaching science yourself anymore.
  2. Or, you invest $37 in the program, but your kids don't use it or don't have time for science this year, or it's just not for you. You cancel your membership and ask for a refund. In this case, it cost you nothing and you still get to keep all the bonus stuff.


Either way, you come out ahead.


So if you're ready to take a whole lot of stress out of your life AND give your kids an incredible learning opportunity, now is the time to enroll.


Click Here to Enroll Now!

Enroll my kids in the e-science program!

YES! Aurora, I want in! Please enroll my kids in the online e-Science program. I understand that I will get:

Enrollment in the full online e-Science program for 30 days. After that, I will automatically be charged just $37 per month as long as I am enrolled (or $57 per month if I choose the advanced grade 5-8 & High School level program), unless I cancel during the first month. I am entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days of the program. Of course I'm free to cancel at any time.

Here's what you get:

.  A Free subscription to "The Rocket Scientist" Science Experiment Newsletter for a full school year

.  A discounted e-Science enrollment rate locked in for as long as your kids are enrolled

.  All my kids will be able to participate in e-Science for the price of one

.  Plus tons more!


To get started, click on the happy orange button below.

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My very best wishes to you and your child's educational success.


Aurora Lipper

P. S. The online e-Science program is guaranteed to give your kids an exceptional science education while taking a lot of stress out of your life over teaching science. Best of all, it's totally risk free. Don't your kids deserve this chance? Give it a try by clicking here.

P. P. S. I just want to assure you that we a real company with thousands of happy customers. If you have any questions, you can email me personally. Also feel free to look at our website at .





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