Twins are double the joy, but can also be double the work. Most siblings have rivalry issues, but twins can have a whole lot more going on. As a homeschool teacher who has twin kids, you need to be accessible yet let them know who holds the authority in the classroom. Handling twins is never easy, and trying to homeschool them is always a challenge. Here are some tips that you may like to consider.

Accept The Different Identities

Unlike other sibling pairs where one is distinctly older and able to handle more time alone, twins are equally demanding of the homeschool teacher’s time. Try to ensure that you schedule one on one time for both of them. Also know that they are both going to be different individuals even when they look so alike on the outside. There may be one who is more independent and one who is more clingy. Don’t make this a big issue or expect one to behave like the other.

Splitting Your Attention Between Them Fairly

Accept them for who they are and spend time with them as a group as well as individually. Make a weekly log of your time and see how much you spend with each of them. If you find a large discrepancy and feel that you are spending more time with the dependent twin, schedule some extra time for the more outgoing and independent twin. Despite not demanding the attention of the homeschool teacher, the child does look forward to it.

Separation Anxiety When Apart from Twin

Most young children face separation anxiety when they are spending time away from their primary care giver for the first time. The parent can also find it difficult to let them go, and may even feed this anxiety. However, with twins there is the additional separation anxiety of being apart from someone that they have always had present in their lives, right from the womb. There may be deep anger and intense fighting between them, but when it comes to being put into different rooms or sent out without the other one, it can be too much for them to handle.