Most homeschool families learn to survive on a single income because one of the parents has chosen to be at home with the kids and teach them. This means that money is often sparse and budgets are tightly drawn. The homeschool teacher can actually create a business online with their homeschool students which can contribute significantly to the family finances. This is more than just setting up a lemonade stand.

Run a Blog 

There are some people who are experts in a certain area, this could be anything from baking, creating homeschool worksheets, making homemade soaps, or more. By sharing their opinion, stories, photographs and more, it is possible to create a meaningful blog which other can refer to. This can subsequently be monetized for income.

Create Online Coloring Pages for Downloads

Children love to draw and sketch. Have your homeschool students come up with black and white designs for coloring pages. These can then be shared online for sale. Setting up a basic website for free downloads and paid ones is not very difficult, plus it will teach the children a whole new set of skills.

Creating Educational Quizzes and Puzzles 

Learning is more fun when it gets competitive with quizzes. Allow your homeschool students to revise what they have read by creating educational puzzles and quizzes based on the material. This can be sold in homeschool communities where other homeschool teachers may be looking for teaching material.

Private Tutoring 

This is more for the children than for the homeschool parent who is already teaching her own class. The older homeschool students can pick up kids to tutor online. There are a number of websites where teachers can work from home and offer private tutoring. The teenagers in the homeschool family can probably tutor lower grades and earn their own pin money.

Foreign Language translation

If a foreign language has been part of the curriculum, it can also be used as a basis for a translation business. Having a few contacts in the industry can help, but is not strictly necessary. Translations can be offered by the homeschool teacher and the homeschool students alike.