Using Twitter As a Tool in the Homeschool Classroom

Twitter is a micro blogging social media website that can be used effectively as a classroom teaching tool by the homeschooling teacher. Instead of leaving the homeschool students to search through the whole internet, having them go on twitter with a specific learning goal may actually work out better. Here are some suggestions that can be put to use in the homeschool classroom.

Follow a Current Event Hashtag

A cyclone or an earthquake that hits usually generates a lot of tweets on twitter. It may be a good idea to follow official handles of governments to see how the disaster is being dealt with. Also check what prominent celebrities have to say about the event. Look into local activities that are putting together care packets. It’s a great way to be involved in the relief process for the homeschool students.

Tracking Foreign Language News Headlines

Whatever foreign language the homeschool student is learning can come alive when they track news in the language. Set up tracking for prominent newspaper or social media sites that offer news headlines on twitter in the language being studied. The homeschool students will see a huge improvement in their vocabulary simply by reading these mini news bits.

Create a Collaborative Story or Poem

Your homeschool students can set up a progressive story in which each sentence is written by a different reader of the original tweet. The tweet may be shared among friends and family to get the collaboration started. The same technique may be used to set up a progressive poem. It’s interesting to see how the literary works progress in such an environment. Pick a deadline to end the work in progress.

Observe the Tweets on a Specific Interest

From fashion to sports, pet dogs to home decoration, just about everything gets tweeted on the site. Depending on the interest of your homeschool student have them follow tweets on a specific topic. Let them learn about robotics and latest developments in artificial intelligence or simply learn how to care for their pets. They need to follow up the tweet reading with a written report of their own to prove what all new things they picked up.

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