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With everything on the internet, it may not be a surprise that the homeschool student decides that they want to set up a blog for themselves. What can a homeschool teacher do to ensure that this stays a safe and learning experience? Here are some ideas and tips.

What and Where are they Going to Share?

Pick the Platform that they will use to blog. Is it going to be a personal blog on blogger, an instagram account for photos that they take or a page on facebook where they share their thoughts? If they are younger children you may like to stick with sites like Kidblog or Edublog where they will be slightly more protected. In any case, you need to pick the platform that you find is best suited for the kind of blogging they intend to do.

It’s a good idea to have a set of guidelines and rules about what information the homeschool students can and can’t post online. Educate them about the dangers of revealing too much of their personal information on the blog which could be accessed by any stranger in the world over the internet. Have a review process in place where the homeschool teacher gets to see the content before it’s posted on the blog.

Connecting with Others Online

Comments on the blog will be the first connection that they see. They may eventually take to sharing links of what they blog about in email to friends, and over social media accounts that they may have. Teach the homeschool students to be respectful in their interactions with others online. It can hurt to have a critical comment, but ask them to see the merit in the criticism and improve their content.

Have them thank people who leave nice comments, and interact with them on their blogs by leaving comments there. Give the blog time to develop into a success. Make sure that they understand that it’s not a one time thing, but a regular content writing gig. You can set the frequency at one post a week to start with. They can learn what to add and what to remove as they go on.


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