Service Learning Projects for Homeschool Students

Service to society is a good habit to inculcate in young homeschool students. Learning that they can give back to the community has an empowering effect on the personality of the child. Here are a few more ideas for short service learning projects that can be undertaken by the homeschool family.

The Cause is Important 

Picking a cause that is important to the students is likely to keep them more connected with the project. If they lost a grandparent recently, have them volunteer hours at the retirement home. If they love animals, they can work with PETA or any other organization that volunteers with animals in your area. The closer the cause is to the homeschool student, more involved they will feel. Explore the different charities and causes that are available close to your home with your children before selecting one that works best for you.

Have a Fixed Goal Project

A sense of achievement is often initiated by meeting tangible goals. So having a fixed goal for your service project is important. It could be as simple as collecting a fixed number of toys, canned food, blankets etc for an orphanage. Or it could be raising a fixed amount of money using fund raising techniques such as car washes, bake sales, etc. It may even be something like performing for the veterans on a holiday and putting on a good evening for them. It should have a defined deadline so that work is done on time.

Prepare and Provide the Service

Once the cause and project have been fixed, it’s time to prepare the homeschool students for providing the actual service. Solving the problems of logistics, who to call, how to help, and so on can provide an excellent learning experience for the homeschool students. Do ask them to record all their trials and challenges as they undergo the process. They need to keep track of the solutions that they came up with and how they were able to finally provide the service that they set out to do. Once the service project is over, they can present the homeschool classroom with a detailed report.

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