Paper Blogging for Homeschool Students

If you have homeschool students in elementary school, you may not want them putting out blog posts on the internet just yet. However if their older siblings have a blog online, they may be tempted to have one of their own. This is where having them write a paper blog could come in handy. Here’s a few ideas to get them started.

The Material to Use

The homeschool teacher can provide them with a cardboard or cork base that may be used as the base. This is where the different blog posts will be pinned up once the homeschool students are done writing them. They can use post it pads of different colors to write their blog posts or simply take sheets of paper from their spiral bound notebooks and use those. They can also use photos printed off the internet to decorate the base, or simply draw their own images and patterns to showcase.

Frequency and Topics

Having a structure helps homeschool students create the content for their blog better. Decide on how many lines or words need to be written per post. Determine how often a new blog post may be written, weekly is a good way to start. What are the heads under which they are going to write? Let them pick three and make one a miscellaneous section where anything goes. Have them their ideas about what they want to write and how they will share it. You may introduce concepts such as star rating for each post that everyone in the homeschool classroom gives as feedback to the writing.

The Blog Design

The homeschool students may use different sections of the base to write about different topics. For instance the top right may be used for posts on riddles. The bottom left may be used for descriptions of field trips and other events. The space in the center may be reserved for the latest blog post and can be rotated out at the end of the week to the corner of the board with similar posts. If you are allowing them to use colored post it notes, they can color code the topics of a similar kind together. The older notes may be pinned one on top of the other as space becomes a premium. They will still be available but need to be flipped open in the archive just like a real blog.


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