Nature and Culture in the Homeschool Classroom

Bringing richness into a homeschooling family can be as simple as incorporating “Nature” and “Culture” into the homeschool classroom. Here are some ideas to help make the learning experience for your homeschool families a pleasant one.

Forging a Connection with Nature

For young homeschool students the best way to start is a simple Nature Walk. Take them to a park or the woods if you have any close by. Give them a five point list of things that need to spot for a successful nature walk. For example, a blooming flower bush, a bird, a particular tree, a fallen leaf. Keep it simple to identify and add a few collectibles that they can bring home as souvenirs.

The older children can be given more arduous tasks such as growing sprouts overnight using edible food seeds. Pulses are usually quick to sprout. There are interesting videos giving instruction about growing micro-greens on a paper tissue as well. Experiment with them to see what works.

You could even have them plant a small planter with a Fairy Garden that uses tiny shrubs as well as decorations. This can be placed in the homeschool classroom if there is room, or in another convenient location in the home. If you are lucky enough to have an actual backyard area which they can access easily, go ahead and give them a few square feet of land to start their own little herb garden.

Creating Cultural Awareness

A connection with the local community is a great way to teach the homeschool students about the local culture. What is the popular tourist destination in your town? Take them for a field trip to see this place. Have a bit of history ready for them to understand why this is important to the town folks.

You may even consider taking them to local shows by performing artists that are age appropriate. Seeing people live on stage can have a mesmerizing effect on your homeschool students’ minds. They can even practice and give their own performance at home to a limited audience of friends and family if they like the dramatic experience.

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