Making Homeschool Students Work When They Don’t Want To

There will be times when your homeschool students are enthusiastic about what they are learning and will be eager to get to work, but there will also be times when they are simply not motivated enough to care to do the work. As the homeschool teacher, the onus is on you to ensure that the work is done, and in a timely fashion. Here are some ideas that can help to get the homeschool students to work when they don’t want to.

Keep the Assignments Small

Cut up the worksheet into smaller portions physically, or simply take small chunks of the work that you need to cover, one at a time. The idea is to not overwhelm the homeschool student. Instead by giving them small assignments that they can easily finish, you keep them moving along in the right direction with less struggle in the homeschool classroom. Short breaks interspersed with these chunks of activity work best with younger grade students.

Switch the Delivery of the Lesson

Not everyone learns the same way. Some prefer reading the book, others would rather watch a video about the topic. The idea is to hone in on the method of delivery that works best for your homeschool student. You will find that even children who are siblings will learn differently. The skill of the homeschool parent lies in identifying what method will work best with which child. Once that is sorted you can switch the delivery of the lesson to the student as per their preferred method of learning.

Share the Learning Goal with the Homeschool Students

If you have given them an assignment, also explain what you expect them to learn from it. The concept of learning with an end goal makes it easier for them to accept the work that they have to do. By sharing what they need to learn with the homeschool students, you allow them to participate more in their education process. As they understand the logical reasoning behind certain activities that they need to do, or worksheets that they must finish, they will be more amicable to actually doing the work rather than making excuses about why they can’t at the moment.

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