Is Your Teenage Homeschool Student Lonely?

The Change is Obvious

Ask the parent of any teenager and you will be told that moodiness is a part of their routine behavior. Unfortunately many homeschool parents find that as their children become teenagers and begin to navigate through the thick cloud of hormones hanging in the air, they tend to lose the ease of communication. The bond that was so strong between homeschool parent and homeschool student suddenly seems to snap out of existence. The child who would regularly share every thought and idea, now is so closed off that even getting the choice for dinner between pasta and pizza can seem like pulling teeth.

Reading Their State of Mind

The one thing that can be missed in this situation is the state of the child’s mind. The homeschool student may seem to have a full life with classes, and extra activities like sports, but are they actually happy? Do they have friends with whom they feel comfortable sharing their authentic self? Or are they just stresses out all the time, simply trying to fit in with a crowd that doesn’t really accept them? The saying that you can be lonely in a crowd, is actually often applicable to shy teenagers. It can be a very difficult time for teenagers due to the physical and emotional changes that they are going through.

Giving Them a Safe Spot

Like at all times of change, your homeschool teenagers also need a safe spot. A place where they can let their hair down and be themselves. This could be with a group of childhood friends that have grown up together, or with a group of cousins who get together regularly. The idea is to have a support system for your homeschool student which is a safety net for them. Though the homeschool parents may want to be there for their homeschool students, this is a time when the children need to spread their wings. It’s actually a good thing in the long run, as they will have people in their lives who are willing to support them through the challenges that are sure to come in the future.

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